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A Virtual Receptionist you can Trust to be your Constant Work Support

Emenac Call Center Services’ Virtual Receptionist comes with added innovation that goes beyond warmly greeting your clients and will prove to be a cost effective/profitable investment. Your multitasking Virtual Reception Service will become the supportive arm that will oversee your scheduling, appointment setting and administrative support tasks for effective running of your enterprise.


“Focused” is the real “WORD” for virtual Receptionist to handle your chain of tasks simultaneously.

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Team Player

Let our virtual receptionist handle your “In-House-Team” let’s lead like professionals do

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Entrust our VR service for your accounts and finance related tasks, i.e."bank on your services"

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Ultimate Virtual Receptionist, fully in-sync with your Enterprise

Wonder if your VR will be adaptable to your industry specifications? Have a peek into industries our virtual reception service is abetting.

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Go Virtual, Step into cyber age with Emenac’s Virtual Reception Service
Why Emenac’s Virtual Receptionist is the best pick for your business?

If you are asking why can’t a regular receptionist work for you and why you need to outsource your reception desk to a stranger, unknown facilitator? Here’s the answer for you, the regular reception desk doesn’t have the capacity to work around the clock. If you assign shifts, there would be miscommunications as your business will not be equipped enough. The fact is reception desk can only be a branch of your business.

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Now imagine what “Emenac Call Center Services” can bring to your reception desk management?  It works on customer care and phone handling call center standard by following traditional call center culture. Yes! We have all the upgraded software for the perfect customer service provision. Our virtual reception agents are well versed in caller psyche that enables them to handle each caller on their level, saying the exact words they need to hear, the words that make them adopt the desired path of action.

Synced Reception Service 24/7

Our user interface and software allows different employees from different shifts to remain on top of what the day’s agenda had been, they have instant access to every caller’s status, should a caller reaches out again. With Emenac Call Center Services’ Virtual reception service there will be no info leaks hindering your business interests.

Secretarial Task Handling

Your Virtual Receptionist will also act your personal assistant and perform tasks like answering your personal phone calls, reply and send emails, collect supplier and inventory data, taking messages, arrange your day to day ‘to-do’ list, manage your business and social calendar, make arrangements on your behalf for sending favors and making purchases if you so need.

Research & Administration Tasks

Your VR will provide you with the research work that you deem necessary for your business. This research can be of “new vendor, equipment supplier, market trends, product reviews, and customer demands”. Even if you are up to launch new product in the market, you can ask for competitors’ analysis for product quality, quantity, time and prices. In addition to research, your VR will also check out the advanced resource market, handle your accounts & transactions and see to your book keeping. In short our virtual reception service can share the work load of ten.

Enhanced Online Presence and online Store Handling

Emenac Call Center Services’ Virtual reception service will not stay limited to average reception tasks; instead they will also act as online presenter of your organization. S/he can publish web posts on your behalf, write content of those posts or speeches, update your website content, handle your online product stores like Amazon, eBay, Google Merchant Store, Alibaba Group and shopify as well as create a stream of information updated on social media sites so your brand image appears solid and vibrant.

Corporate and Recreational Travel Planning

Your VR can also take travel planning off your mind. We understand that it is a tedious process and a skilled receptionist can help you with the reservations and flight plans. S/he can arrange for transportation and map out the best routes in the area you will be travelling to. It can even suggest recreational activities while you are in the new area.

No Employee Contact Ties! Say “NO” to exaggerated work benefits:

If you are small enterprise, it might be hard for you to hire a receptionist, train him/her and manage on absentees and holidays on your own. With Emenac Call Center Services’ Virtual reception desk that will no longer remain a concern for you.

Hire professional virtual receptionist and improve your business orientation for bench-mark success attainment.

Engage Emenac Call Center Services’ Virtual reception service today Get your Work done, from anywhere regarding anything

A virtual receptionist like our trained reception agents will prove to be the supporting arm your business requires in its day-to-day routine. All those tasks that are added burden on your staff or yourself, you can hand it over to our capable hands.

You See To the Core Business Tasks While We Deal With the Excess Work Load

We will organize everything in a way that will boost up your business productivity and also attract more clients with its professional customer dealing mannerism.
An Emenac Call Center Services’ Virtual Receptionist can accomplish tasks that would need a team of dozen on a fraction of price they would demand, without asking for off days, work-benefits or office space.

Customized Infrastructure

According to your business requirements, you can specify the service you should require from a virtual reception because we do not believe one size fits all. Our infrastructure is integrated in operation but we will make alterations as to best suit your venture. We offer our clients to custom design their greetings so your virtual reception desk will be the amalgamation of electronic proficiency & human feel.


Your virtual reception team will be working for you and their intentions will be in the favor of your business only. Because we connect on your behalf of just to develop a trusty relationship with the aim to be the trusted hand that does business on your behalf, which is why we make the whole system as discreet as possible. We understand the need of business confidentiality and harm caused by an info-leak. We ensure the path of information remain between authorized personal.

Hand-Picked Team (Live Interview Options)

If you feel uncomfortable trusting a cyber-entity with your business interactions. We can put your mind to ease by arranging electronic meetings with probable virtual receptionists and you can decide who you want by getting to know them on a personal level in addition to their detailed portfolio provided by us on website.

No Binding Contracts

Options to hire our services for short term/long term model makes us better choice for small to medium sized businesses. Work with us as long as you want, we have no long or short term binding contracts so you can avail our virtual reception services for however long you wish and unsubscribe when you want with or without any legal obligation(depends on the mutual acceptance at the time of initial work plan). Although we “Dare” say that the extent of service excellence will want you to stay with us longer than you initially thought.

No Hour Limitation

With Emenac Call Center Services’ virtual receptionist you can say good bye to your 40 hour per week working receptionist because we work however long you want us to. Yes our 24/7 support services makes us work when you sleep. Including all the weathers and festive seasons, we will be available all the year, all the time without dropping on efficiency scale.

Transparent Billing

We know companies are suspicious of suffering at the hands of hidden traps in contact support providers’ business policies. We will keep you informed on every detail and make sure you always know what you will pay and in what capacity beforehand as to make an informed decision.

Handover your time consuming tasks and stay free to expand your business operations

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