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Emenac Offshore Customer Service Call Center for E-commerce Industry

Is the ecommerce business unable to convert traffic into sales or not finding the right ways to increase online sales? Are the customers of an ecommerce store not returning satisfied, making customer retention impossible for internet merchants? Offshore outsource customer services call center to Emenac Call Center Services can help all such ecommerce websites overcome their issues. Our customer service call center would serve the potential buyers with their pre-sale queries and customers with during-sale and post-sale questions satiating all their needs. By proficiently handling all calls and ensuring effective lead generation and high customer satisfaction, Emenac Call Center Services is able to increase sales considerably and retain customers of ecommerce businesses.

Emenac Business Services is for the following Categories of E-Commerce

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Why ecommerce website need customer support services and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

Emenac Call Center Services can help ecommerce websites in many ways with a customer service call center. Some of the ecommerce call center solutions that we have in this regard include:

Pre-Sale Support for Lead Generation

As potential buyers land on an ecommerce website, chances are high that they will end up buying something. However, online shopping is not as easy for buyers as it seems because they need trust of the website and also want many of their queries answered before they can given in personal information such as home address, credit card details and security numbers etc. For ecommerce and retail activity online, potential buyers may call up the business to ask whether or not certain product that they are asking for is available, the possible payment methods and if they could pay at doorstep on delivery or maybe even about the availability of any upcoming product that might not have been released by then. Answering such calls is quite essential because leaving potential buyers unattended means allowing them to check other stores online and losing them to competitors.

Avoiding such a situation is necessary because in order to be able to survive well in this highly competitive ecommerce business world, having edges over competitors is important. While the employees and management might be too busy to take up calls of potential buyers all day long, Emenac Call Center Services can be offshore outsourced with a customer service call center. Our offshore agents will proactively take up calls all day long and make sure that no call remains unattended. Leaving calls means leaving out chances of making sales. Hence, the agents at Emenac Call Center Services take up calls and provide all pre-sale assistance to the caller that is needed yet taking care of the fact that other callers do not have to wait in queues too long. They also lead successful sales skills to generate consumer interest and with leads generated and trust of the potential buyers gained, the chances of growing sales are increased. Eventually, an ecommerce business can easily convert traffic into sales.

During-Sale Support to Increase Sales

While shopping online, many buyers would have questions and queries that they would want to be answered immediately. Leaving these callers half way through the shopping and not attending them is like ignoring a customer inside a shop. Hence, not taking up calls of customers to answer such calls would be just as annoying for online buyers as it would be for a shopper to enter a shop and see shopkeepers too busy to deal with them. This attitude would certainly take the buyers to another shop. Same is the case with online shopping sites. If they do not attend to their customers during shopping, the customers would move to another ecommerce store and would be eventually lost to competitors. This can be avoided by having a customer service call center that looks after customers’ calls at all times and satiates their needs completely so as to increase web sales.

Customers may come up with questions during shopping, such as the pricing of certain product, other colors available in case of electronics or maybe even apparel or maybe room for customization in case of computers etc. Such questions have to be answered to keep the customers’ minds clear of confusions and make up for an effective order taking call center. Offshore outsourcing this call center to Emenac Call Center Services will introduce effective ways to increase online sales such as cross-selling an alternative product if the one asked for is not available or maybe up-selling an extra product to save a customer or service as part of improving customer experience if one has been bought already, improving profitability. With such tactics applied successfully and proficiently, Emenac Call Center Services ensures growth in sales and hence, profitability. Therefore, outsourcing this task to Emenac Call Center Services, if the employees and management are too busy to tackle with customers’ calls, is an option to consider.

Post-Sale Support to Satisfy and Retain Customers

After shopping online, it is inevitable that customers encounter problems with the products. These problems do not necessarily mean that the product is bad but the customer could also need to know the right usage or the bet ways of handling. For instance, on delivery, a customer finds that the laptop sent by certain online electronic retailer has a cracked screen or maybe a tunic sent by an apparel-based ecommerce store is torn out. There could also be issued such as a buyer wanting to the right ways of installing a cooking range bought or the best ways of washing a dress bought online, to keep its shape and colors intact. Such issues are essential to be dealt with or else, the customers will be left with very bad and unprofessional impressions of the business. Also, they will think that this ecommerce business was only interested in selling and making money and has no concern with improving customer experience.

The formation of a bad image may lead to declining customer-base by loss of customers and buyers becoming hesitant to buy from this ecommerce store. To keep all customers satisfied and increase conversion rate whilst retaining older customers and maintaining a good image of the online business, an ecommerce website can offshore outsource customer services call center to Emenac Call Center Services. Our offshore agents take up calls of customers at all times that the ecommerce business owner will want us to. This way, all customers are kept happy and satisfied with the shopping. Each caller is given first call resolutions and dealt with in lowest possible time such that neither the other callers find lines busy nor any caller remains unassisted in hurry. The bigger issues are sent to the concerned authorities to be reviewed and addressed. This way, all ecommerce websites are able to keep their customers satisfied and hence, retain them. Customer satisfaction and retention, position a business better on the customers’ minds and company goodwill increases.

Emenac Call Center Services deals in all kinds of ecommerce businesses. Any ecommerce website interested in the service can contact us at any time, on +1.888.909.2207. Our business development team will be there to assist the client and lead through the process.