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Emenac Offshore Customer Service Call Center for Online Apparel Stores

Looking for effective ways to answer customers’ queries regarding apparel availability, pricing, shipment, back ordered and return policies? By offshore outsourcing customer care management to Emenac Call Center Services, this can be achieved as customers’ experience will be greatly enhanced and customer loyalty will be earned.

Offshore inbound call center services dedicated to providing customer care will provide the customers of online apparel business with pre-sale, during-sale and post-sale care. These services will add to strategies that help gain and retain customers. Outsourcing to an offshore customer service call center will help in saving time and money. Emenac offshore Call Center Services is a great option for apparel businesses looking for expertise that matches the requirements of apparel industry. Altogether, this customer care will work effectively in enlarging clientele and increasing sales graphs.


Why online apparel stores need to have offshore contact center customer service?

Offshore live customer service seems to be a major contributor behind the success of online apparel stores. Here are a few reasons why customer service is largely important for online apparel retailers:

To Covert Website Traffic Into Sales

As buyers turn to the internet to shop for apparel related products such as dresses, head accessories, rain gear, jewelry, shoes or any other related article, they come up with a number of questions which need to be addressed. Customers’ FAQs such as those related to product availability, pricing, materiality and coupons need to be answered to clear away confusions from the customers’ minds. In turn, customers can be prepared to purchase a product. If these queries are not addressed and a competitor succeeds in satisfying the customers with answers to these queries, customers will be lost to the competitor.

Moreover, while shopping online customers are never sure about trusting, the online apparel showroom. This is because when it comes to internet shopping, scams are a norm so without talking to someone on behalf of the store, customers would not be able to trust. Since this form of shopping includes sharing of highly confidential data such as credit card details, it becomes highly essential for the online store to have a helpline number. This would allow buyers to collect required information about the apparel business and know everything about it as well as its products. Eventually, they will begin trusting the online apparel business. With enhanced customer experience, visitors can be easily convinced for purchasing and profitability charts can be seen rising.

For Enhance The Customer-Business Relationsip And Gain Customer Loyalty 

As per a research, making new customers for online shopping is easier than retaining them. Therefore like all other businesses, those concerned with selling fashion apparel, jewelry, headgear and shoes must also work towards maintaining a loyal customer base. For this, an offshore customer care call center can help. Modern day customers prefer relationship-driven businesses because they feel comfortable with them and are thus, able to rely on them. Apparel websites can ensure customer loyalty by facilitating customers with telephonic communication so that they can not only have their queries answered but also seek help in times of need.

For instance, during a sales process, if a customer wishes everything to get done by a customer support offshore agent, the offshore customer service will be of great use. Issues can also arise with inability to use the website properly, searching the products of interest, inserting credit card information and being unable to place the order. Helped by the customer service offshore agent, the customer will be humbled and return satisfied.

To Retain Customers And Kepp All Customers Satisfied

Once purchase has been made, customers may possible still need to contact the online apparel store regarding issues such as using the product rightly or washing it in the right manner. This is most common with college apparel, sports apparel and women apparel. Issues such as delivery of wrong product or wrong sizes may also possibly occur, for example, delivery of small size in place of plus size apparel. The immediate solution to such issues is to relax the angry customers, which is easily possible through an offshore virtual customer service center.

Coping up with all such matters successfully, through live person answering service to solve the issues, may keep the customers from moving to another business. In an otherwise situation, the customer may be lost. Since an offshore customer service call center can play an important part in ensuring customer retention, it has to be brought in and customers have to be kept satisfied even after they have purchased a product.

How offshore outsourcing virtual customer services to Emenac Call Center Services will help online apparel stores and apparel manufacturers?

Companies that do provide customer care realize the importance of this service and are always looking for ways to improve customer service. With Emenacoffshore call center services, improvisations will not be needed as we provide customer service programs specifically customized according to the needs of the client apparel business. Some of the benefits that Emenac Call Center Services will provide include:

Product advocacy done skillfully by Emenac customer service offshore representative, ensuring that each potential buyers finds apparel of interest easily, making up for good customer experience

With the aim of satisfying end customer, after-sales services given to fix any occurring issues or guide the buyers further regarding the bought apparel or apparel accessory

Arrangements made to ensure that no calls are missed and each customer is dealt with in minimum threshold time whilst being completely satisfied. Providing first call resolution remains one of Emenac Call Center Services primary aims

Cheerful and friendly offhsore customer care representatives seated to attend and guide the callers with a positive energy and encourage potential buyers to trust the apparel business and purchase products of interest

Each caller dealt with personally to create an aura of comfort, strengthen relationship with the business and collect information that can help in suggestion of the right apparel

Shipment information, discount offers, back order info, return policies and other related information shared through live customer service making it easier for customers to gather all important information

Angry customers dealt with great proficiency so as to keep away customer losses and maintain healthy relations

Each live customer support offshore agent is well equipped with complete product knowledge so that quality-conscious customers can be given the right details while they might not be able to feel the apparel and accessories before buying them

 Offshore customer support call center operations customized according to the timings suitable for the client apparel business. Hence, services can be given for 24/7, business hours, after hours or overflow call handling

Dealings with apparel businesses for buyers interested in wholesale apparel shopping done with complete professionalism so as to get the best price and leave the business with profits

Getting all of these benefits is not so difficult. It is just about making one phone call to Emenac Call Center Services at +1 888.909.2207 and within no time, customer care will begin.

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