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Emenac Offshore Customer Service Call Center For Online Education & Training Institutes

Emenac Call Center Services offers customized customer care services for online education providers. From student queries regarding number of programs being offered to their pricing, faculty details, curriculum listings, application processes, admission requirements or other details, our customer service providers cover it all.

Emenac’s Inbound call center services dedicated to providing efficient customer care will provide online educational institutes with pre-admission, during-admission and post-admission care, to a standard that looks to exceed your expectations. By offshore outsourcing customer care management to Emenac Call Center Services thus, you can enjoy an enhanced student-educational institute relationship, thereby leading to a direct boost in enrolments, professional affiliations and stature recognition.


Why online colleges and universities need contact center customer service and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

1.To indirectly convert admission queries into enrollments

As more potential students and teens look to the internet to acquire quality education, certain questions will take birth in their minds; questions that need to be immediately addressed. Since the online education industry is a fairly new one it has yet to really cement its credentials and credibility. Student FAQs such as those related to the programs being offered, their pricing, faculty details, curriculum listings, application processes, and admission requirements need to be answered to clear any and all prevalent confusions. In most cases, students are found to want to enroll, but since their queries are not answered they turn from the online college or university in question and go to another source to get their education. In this competitive environment, it is crucial to engage with a customer service provider such as Emenac that goes above and beyond when it comes to satisfying potential students. Emenac Call Center Services works offshore to satisfy students the point where their potential enrollments are secured.

Similarly, while looking to get something as integral and essential as a quality education on the web, there exists a trust deficit between potential students and online educational institutes. Due to the increased cases of internet scams and frauds, students are hesitant when it comes to sharing their personal, financial, and educational information with online schools.

Since online education includes sharing of highly confidential data, and in some cases social security numbers, it becomes integral for online colleges and universities to have a helpline number. Emenac Call Center Services can offer this offshore service, customized to suit the online institute’s needs. This small but essential set up allows those looking to acquire a quality education online to not only be informed about the online courses and degrees they are looking to acquire, but other integral information as well, bringing together the potential student and the online educational establishment. Increased trust between a student and an institute results in increased enrollments and revenue figures.

2. To strengthen the student-institute bond and boost enrollment figures

Those concerned with providing and imparting quality education online need to constantly strive towards maintaining an ever-increasing student/enrollment base. Nothing can do the job better in this regard than an offshore customer care call center like Emenac Call Center Services. Today’s students prefer relationship-driven institutes because they feel comfortable with them. Online colleges and universities can secure and boost student loyalty and enrollment figures by facilitating potential students with dedicated telephonic communication.

While processing for the admission, students might come up with several questions. These may be about the course stating date, length of course, ways of payment and time span after which fee needs to be paid etc. The online colleges and universities need to answer these questions in order to guide the student and steer him clear of confusion. This would make up for a responsible image of the online educational institute and motivate the student to get enrollment.

3. Working towards student retention and satisfaction

The enrollment process does not cease once someone enrolls to an online school. Students, on a daily basis, will seek to contact the online school in question regarding various questions such as course outlines and timeframes etc. The best possible solution to tackle such issues is to effectively communicate with the inquisitive student, and provide them with the answers they need. This way the student never has a reason to doubt the dedication and commitment of the online institute that they are engaged with.

Some of the other unique benefits derived from engaging Emenac’s offshore customer support services are:

• Our offshore customer service representatives expertly execute service and product advocacy, making sure that each potential student finds the right course for them, thereby ensuring a perfect customer service experience

• With the aim of satisfying potential students, efficient and timely after-enrollment services are provided to nip any possible issues and problems in the bud

• Qualified offshore agents available to ensure that no calls are missed and each student is dealt with in minimum threshold time, whilst simultaneously being completely satisfied. Ensuring and providing first call resolution remains one of Emenac’s primary and foremost aims

• Cheerful and friendly offshore customer care representatives seated to attend and guide callers with both a positive energy and expertise. Our agents also encourage potential students to trust the online education institute and enroll in courses of interest or those suiting their needs

• Inquisitive and aggrieved students are dealt with great proficiency and politeness so as to keep away enrollment decreases and maintain healthy student-institute relations while the problem gets resolved

• Each live customer support agent is well equipped with complete knowledge of the courses offered as well as the faculty and details so that concerned students can be given the right details and their time can be saved

• Offshore customer support call center operations customized according to timings suitable for the online school. Hence, services can be given 24/7, business hours or after hours or for overflow call handling

Fulfilling and enjoying the completion of all these promises is not a herculean task. All that is needed is one phone call. Contact Emenac Call Center Services at +1888.909.2207 and before you know it all your outstanding customer service needs will be a thing of the past.