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  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
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  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership

Emenac Offshore Customer Service Call Center For Online Real Estate Dealers

Emenac Call Center Services now provides customized customer relations services serving the needs of real estate businesses. From customer queries regarding availability of real estate and apartments in various areas, their pricing, tax details and advance terms, to general expert advice on real estate in the present and future, our offshore customer service providers have you covered.

By offshore outsourcing customer care management to Emenac Call Center Services, you can enjoy an enhanced consumer experience, thereby leading to a direct boost to customer loyalty, sales figures and brand recognition. Inbound call center services dedicated to providing efficient customer care will provide online realtors providers with pre-sale, during-sale and post-sale care, to a standard that looks to exceed your expectations.

Why online real estate companies need contact center customer service and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

• To indirectly convert site traffic into sales

As more consumers and businesses look to the internet to buy real estate of many a nature, certain questions will take birth in their minds. Consumer FAQs such as those related to property availability, pricing, materiality, location, quality assurances regarding sanitary or kitchen fittings and tax details need to be answered to clear any and all prevalent confusions. In most cases, investors are found to want to acquire real estate, but since their queries are not answered, they turn from the seller in question and instead go to a competitor website. In this competitive environment, it is crucial to engage with a customer service provider such as Emenac offshore call center services that goes above and beyond when it comes to satisfying investors. Emenac Call Center Services works offshore to satisfy investors the point where their potential purchases are secured.

Similarly, while shopping for property on the web, there exists a trust deficit between investors and online real estate agents. Due to the increased cases of internet scams and frauds, consumers and businesses are both hesitant when it comes to sharing their personal and financial information with online realtors. Since online property shopping or apartment hunting includes sharing of highly confidential data such as credit card details, and in some cases social security numbers, it becomes integral for online realtors to have a helpline number. There are also issues regarding quality assurances.

Emenac Call Center offshore customer service set up allows those looking to acquire property or real estate to not only be informed about the properties they are looking to buy or rent or sell, but other integral information as well, bringing together the realtor and customer. Increased trust between a supplier and consumer of any industry results in increased sales and profit figures

• To strengthen the realtor-customer bond and boost customer loyalty

During purchase, investors would come up with many questions and queries such as willingness to visit the site, replacement of old window panes or other matters. These issues too need to be looked into so that the investor’s needs are satiated and a purchase is ensured. Like most other businesses, those concerned with dealing in property and real estate need to constantly strive towards maintaining a loyal and ever-increasing customer base.

Nothing can do the job better in this regard than an offshore customer care call center like Emenac Call Center Services. Today’s investors prefer relationship-driven businesses because they feel comfortable with them, and when it comes to businesses themselves, they demand a level of professionalism in their realtors that seldom manage to match. Online retail companies can secure and boost customer loyalty by facilitating investors with dedicated telephonic communication.

• Working towards customer retention and consumer satisfaction

The purchasing process does not cease once a property is acquired. In most cases, investors may still seek to contact the realtor in question regarding various issues they may have with their real estate. The best possible solution to tackle such issues is to effectively communicate with the aggrieved investor, and resolve their issues. This way the customer does not associate a bad experience with the online realtor.

Some of the other unique benefits derived from engaging Emenac’s customer support services are:

• Our offshore customer service representatives expertly execute product advocacy, making sure that each potential buyer finds the right property for them, thereby ensuring a perfect customer experience

• With the aim of satisfying consumers and buyers, efficient and timely after-sales services are provided to nip any possible issues and problems in the bud, before they fester and result in loss of repeat investors

• Qualified offshore agents available to ensure that no calls are missed and each investor is dealt with in minimum threshold time, whilst simultaneously being completely satisfied. Ensuring and providing first call resolution remains one of Emenac’s primary and foremost aims

• Cheerful and friendly customer care representatives seated to attend and guide callers with both a positive energy and expertise. Our agents also encourage potential buyers to trust the online retail business and transact more with them

• All property-related information shared through live customer service, making it easier for investors to gather all important and relevant information

• Aggrieved investors dealt with great proficiency and politeness so as to keep away customer losses and maintain healthy realtor-buyer relations

• Each offshore live customer support agent is well equipped with complete knowledge of the properties being dealt with so that quality-conscious investors can be given the right details

• Customer support call center offshore operations customized according to timings suitable for the client’s company. Hence, services can be given 24/7, business hours, after hours or overflow call handling

Fulfilling and enjoying the completion of all these promises is not a herculean task. All that is needed is one phone call. Contact Emenac at +1 888.909.2207 and before you know it all your outstanding customer service needs will be a thing of the past.