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  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
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  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership

Emenac Offshore Customer Service Call Center For Transportation, Travel & Tourism Websites

Seeking ways to gain trust of interested travelers for the online travel and transport business to increase sales? Need to better the communication with customers to grow customer retention? Make use of Emenac offshore inbound customer service and increase clientele whilst ensuring high customer retention.

Offshore outsourcing customer support services to Emenac Call Center Services will leave online transportation, travel and tourism companies with increasing customer-base owing to our high skills of lead generation. From reservations for hotels to flight and cruise bookings and courier services, we deal in all kinds of online travel and transportation services. Once a customer has been made, we also work to ensure that each customer is retained by providing post-reservation assistance to travelers if needed. Hence, Emenac Call Center Services can help in not just adding more travelers to the clientele but also in forming a loyal customer-base.


Why online transportation, travel and tourism businesses need offshore live customer service and how Emenac Call Center Services would help with it?

Emenac Call Center Services can serve online travel and transport companies with call center customer services in many different ways. The transportation, travel and tourism companies that we deal in include:

• Travel Agencies                              • Air Travel Services

• Cruise Ships                                   • Courier and Cargo

• Hotels and Resorts                           • Public Transport Companies

• Car Rental Services

The benefits that these businesses can gain from ooffshore outsourcing live customer service to Emenac Call Center Services include:

Complete Travel Constancy and Itinerary Planning

As interested travelers and tourists land on the website of transportation, travel and tourism business, they will find numerous deals and packages in regards to airlines tickets, bus services and car rental, rooms from hotels and resorts, charter transportation, cruise ships and courier express. However, in order to select the best choice, they would need some guidance.

Guidance could be in regards to the cruising itinerary, lowest airfares, best hotel deals or the best way to send mail or an item via courier service. If left unguided, potential buyers will of course move on to another business. Thus, Emenac Call Center Services can be offshore outsourced with the task and numerous benefits will be achieved. By offshore outsourcing live customer care management to Emenac Call Center Services, online travel and transportation companies will be able to:

• Guide the travelers with the best planned itinerary whilst keeping pricing minimum

• Tell the potential buyer about deals and packages of the courier express such that consumer interest is generated

• Service or product advocacy led to generate leads and ensure good sales graphs

• Ensure that all calls are taken and that no choice is missed for a sale to be made

Assistance with Rental Services, Bookings and Reservations

Watching the advertisement or other promotions, interested travelers can end up visiting the website of an online travel and transportation business. On the website, rents for rooms of hotels and resorts as well as rates for airline tickets, limo bus services, train transportation, cruise ships and courier services will be found. On the website of a car rental service, all cars available and their rents would be found too. However, assistance might be needed in regards to making a booking or a reservation and for that, a traveler may call up the business.

If no one comes to answer the call, a sale will be lost as the traveler will move on to make reservations or bookings with another company. In order to make sure that each call is taken and sales are high, live online customer care can be offshore outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services. These will result in:

• All calls being taken and each caller being generated with interest in travel and transport services even if a sale is not made

• Cross-selling tactics being applied for any service not available, and securing customers

• Up-selling travel services to grow profitability

• Minimum time taken to handle each caller whilst ensuring that each traveler’s needs have been completely satiated

Ensuring High Customer Retention and a Stronger Customer Base

Once travelers have booked flights, rented a transportation service, reserved a hotel room, they may need to call back in with a number of queries. These queries could be to ensure if the hotel room is booked, flight is confirmed and even to confirm if the car or bus rented is available at the showroom. Customers who have sent mail or an item via some courier service can also call back to ask about the timings when the courier will reach home. Such queries must be answered or else, consequences can be bad.

If left unanswered and on the last minute, the travelers find out that the car they paid for through credit card is not available, the hotel room has been taken or that the flight has been cancelled, they will be aggrieved. Even if such a mishap does not occur, lack of communication indicates towards the business being unprofessional. Eventually, a bad company image will be spread and the travelers may never return to the same travel and transportation business again. Bad word of mouth will be spread around and other travelers too will be discouraged from buying services of that travel company.

Emenac Call Center Services can help travel and transportation businesses by incorporating its offshore live customer relations management into the travel business and working towards high customer satisfaction and retention. Our offshore agents will provide the following benefits:

• Tackling with all customer issues in time so that inconvenience is not caused later on

• Angry travelers handled politely and in a friendly manner and assured of assistance coming their way

• Bigger problems sent in to the concerned authorities to be reviewed and addressed immediately

• No traveler left helpless and alternative solutions provided within the right time

• High customer retention and loyalty gained

Travel and transportation businesses looking for a live customer support offshore agent for improving customer experience can contact Emenac Call Center Services at +1 888.909.2207 at any time convenient. The demands will be understood and accordingly, a project will be set up which will bring amazing benefits within no time.