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Emenac Offshore Help Desk Service For Transportation, Travel & Tourism Related Websites

Are you looking for a platform for your travel and transportation website where your customers can easily find solutions to problems facing their itineraries? Offshore outsource help desk support services to Emenac Call Center Services and enjoy all customer issues resolved keeping them happy with the business.

Offshore outsourcing live help desk to Emenac Call Center Services will bring travel booking sites with apt and skilful helpdesk offshore agents who will handle all customer queries efficiently, resolving them immediately. Bigger issues would be forwarded to the concerned departments for quickest possible resolution. Meanwhile the angry customer will be handled proficiently so as to ensure high customer retention. These offshore help desk services will leave online travel and tourism businesses with a better company image and higher company goodwill.

Why online travel and courier businesses need phone help desk and how Emenac Call Center Services can help them?

Online travel agencies as well as travel booking sites related to cruise ships, air travel services, hotels and resorts, courier and cargo, public transportation companies and car rental services are served by Emenac Call Center Services. Live help desk support services will help these businesses for the following problems:


Airports, Documentation, Visas and Passports

Customers of travel booking sites are likely to call into the helpline regarding assistance with documentation and its organization. This may include passports, visas, immigration papers or any other important documentation. Callers may also require help with visa extensions, immigration processes and maybe the things that they can possibly carry along to avoid confiscations.

In order to make sure that the caller’s needs are satiated and that the caller does not return unhappy with an unprofessional image of the business, someone must be able to answer this call and make the trip easier. Emenac Call Center Services offers online travel and tourism companies with offshore helpdesk support services which can aptly provide answers to all the callers on behalf of the business and make sure that the caller has been given complete assistance. The callers could also be ensured and offered help after reaching the destination in cases where visa extension is possible at the destination being visited. This would ensure high customer satisfaction and increased company goodwill.

Unfavorable Hotels, Resorts or Cruise and Flight Services Included

Usually, online travel agencies provide packages that include complete itineraries such as airplane travel, hotel stays and sightseeing and even train travel or cruising if possible. Travelers make bookings and reservations considering their budgets and likes however, for certain package booked, a traveler may want certain changes. There might be an issue such as fear of water travel and so, elimination of travel by cruise ships might be required. Another possible issue could be replacement of a hotel to suit the traveler’s needs and there could be lots of other problems.

Many of such changes are possible and many are not. The traveler, unsure of how the business can help, will surely call in to seek assistance. The help desk solutions must be able to satiate the needs of the caller. Emenac Call Center Services can help travel companies with helpdesk support by cross-selling an alternative package or up-selling services to meet their demands. Our successful service and product advocacy ensures that the caller is interested and will make a booking or a reservation. This way, the travelers are returned happy and sales charts are grown.

Sudden Changes in Plan or No Show

For travelers coming up with issues such as no show and missed flights or sudden changes in plan owing to any reason such as an emergency back home or an important business task, most economical ways must be presented to change the plan or time of flight. If the travelers find this process too pricy, they may not return.

By offering a live help desk call center through Emenac Call Center Services, online travels companies can make sure that the callers are assisted in the best possible way and are returned happy and satisfied. In turn, customer retention will be high.


While some travelogues and blogs term certain destination as worth visiting, others talk about security issues and crime there. This can scare a lot of travelers. Reading such scary blogs, a traveler may not wish to change the entire travel plan but would definitely call in to enquire about provision of security. If online travel agencies seem unconcerned with the matter, a bad and irresponsible company will form.

Emenac Call Center Services can come to assist such online businesses with offshore virtual help desk services explaining callers how they may seek help at the destination in times of need. If the travel agency would be dealing in such matters, the options available will be presented to keep the traveler free of tensions.

Turmoil or Unwanted Situations

In case a destination being traveled to encounters a political turmoil or maybe bad weather does not allow flying there, the traveler would worry about travel plan and investment gone into it. To discuss the matter, the traveler would definitely call into the customer support offshore help desk. Emenac’s offshore live help desk support will work to guide these travelers for an alternative destination or assure them that the tour is confirmed but will halt until the problem settles. This would keep the travelers comfortable that someone is there to help them in these drying times. Eventually a stronger business-customer relationship will be formed.

Vehicle Tracking and Limits

In case a customer of car rental service provider is traveling and the limo, car or bus hired stops owing to end of tracker limits, the worried driver would call the online car rental business to seek assistance. Emenac’s offshore expert customer support help desk agents will forward all such queries immediately to the concerned department to that the tracking company can be contacted and limits extended. If the car rental company allows, Emenac Call Center Services will contact the trackers itself. The problem will be solved as soon as possible and the customer would be kept from returning agitated.


Change of Information Provided

A customer mailing anything through a courier may need to call back to have the information provided, changed. This could be the information such as the receiver’s name or address. Dealing with such calls is essential or serious issues can arrive later, annoying the customer. Emenac’s offshore help desk agents would take down all such information and forward it to the business, saving the management’s time and providing all necessary information.

Delayed or Wrong Delivery

In case of a delay in delivery or delivery of wrong item to the recipient, the customer would be greatly aggrieved. To have the problem troubleshot, the angry customer would call into the helpline number. Emenac’s remote help desk reps would use their skill to handle the angry customers in the best of manner, calming them down and assuring that their problem will be fixed soon. The issue is then forwarded to the client business to be reviewed and resolved. This ensures a good relationship with the customers and increased customer retention.


Since websites usually charge via credit cards, a courier express may overcharge a customer or a customer might not have been told of certain taxes that get included in the bill later. This could also annoy the customer leading to a bad image of the business. Emenac’s help desk offshore service can help such callers by tactfully handling them, assuring them of provision of assistance and informing the online courier company of the issue to get it resolved. This would throw a rather caring image of the business, maintaining good relations with the customer.

Online travel and transportation businesses can contact us at +1 888.909.2207 at any time and our business development team will come to their aid. Within no time, help desk service will begin.