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Emenac Offshore Phone Order Taking (Inbound Sales) For Online Apparel Stores

Is the online apparel showroom not receiving appreciable return compared to investment going into online and offline advertisement of the business? Are the customers turning away for not being convinced properly for purchasing apparel through inbound telesales services? Contact Emenac Call Center Services to set up an inbound call handling team right away and gain and retain customers effectively.

An offshore inbound order taking call center works not only to process sales but also guide the callers regarding the apparel business and its products in the best way to make sure that they make a purchase. Emenac’s call center would also provide analyses regarding sales and conversion ratio to understand the requirements of the market better and accordingly, make operations more productive. Hence, offshore outsourcing inbound call handling services will help online apparel businesses increase conversion ratio and grow sales graphs.

Why online apparel stores would need inbound telesales services?

For online apparel stores, an order taking system would work as the backbone. Apparel businesses that only have an online presence, the most effective way for them to allow communication with the customers is to have an inbound sales call center. This would effectively improve online sales.

After watching commercials on TV or advertisements over Google AdWords or AdSense, customers will surely need to call in to the helpline number and find more about an online apparel business. If a potential buyer likes the ad and calls in, chances are that leads can be generated. Without the presence of phone order taking service, the customers will find no way to contact any authorities and eventually they might turn away. If a competitor business facilitates customers with telephonic sales services, it will win the sale. Therefore, after advertising the business, it is highly important to provide a helpline number where sales can be facilitated. Also, with much investment made into advertisement and promotion, ensuring high sales, is essential so that a favorable ROI can be achieved.

Through advertisement, traffic can be drawn onto the website. Once a customer calls into the offshore virtual order taking helpline to enquire about an apparel product or order it, they may not prefer shopping if they are not dealt with, satisfactorily. The conversion ratio will not increase and drawing the visitors to the apparel website will go in vein. Therefore, to successfully convert traffic into sales, an offshore order taking setup becomes essential where a sales expert would make sure that the visitor is convinced to make purchase. Also, chances are that the exact product asked for, might not be available. In such times, cross-selling tactics will work to sell an alternative piece and save the customer. If a customer has bought a product, up-selling expertise can be applied to accelerate profitability. This is possible only through the presence of a phone order taking service. Since only a professional sales representative can perform cross-selling and up-selling in the right manner, outsourcing a sales call center will help as it can bring high-end sales expertise fulfilling the needs of the online apparel business.

Many customers are unable to place or process the order since they cannot interact rightly with the website. In such times too, they prefer someone on behalf of the online apparel store to come to their aid. If they find someone to take orders over the telephone, order will be made or else, the customer will move to an alternative business. Therefore, facilitating the customers with a sales call center, is highly important for all apparel based internet merchants whether they are apparel manufacturers or retailers.

How Emenac’s inbound order taking offshore call center can help an online apparel showroom?

For men apparel, sports apparel, college apparel, women apparel, kids apparel and all other sorts of apparel accessories, shoes and jewelry, Emenac boasts successful sales strategies. These strategies are available through its virtual sales call center. Outsourcing an inbound telesales call center to Emenac will provide online apparel stores with endless benefits. Here are some of the key features of Emenac’s telephonic order taking system.

• Offshore agents trained well in customer care and closing sales, who can effectively increase internet sales for online apparel stores

• Telesales offhsore agents equipped with complete knowledge of all sorts of apparel and apparel accessories from blank apparel to diamond jewelry to men shoes who apply sales techniques effectively positioning the company in the customer’s mind and making sales

• 24/7 services provided to meet all time zones for apparel businesses working in different zones. After hours support and overflow call handling also done if needed

• Order taking and sales processing done in minimum threshold time to ensure that no callers have to wait in line

• Friendly sales offshore agents who speak to potential buyers giving a personal touch to the conversation, thus creating customer’s trust and generating leads

• After-sales services provided to cope up with any possible issues such as delivery of plus size apparel in place of small size and late shipment etc.

• Integration of call center technology and web interface to ease searching, viewing and ordering of apparel or apparel accessories for the customer

Any online apparel showroom can contact Emenac Call Center Services on +1888.909.2207 at any time. Acceding to the needs of the business, the project will be planned and services will begin.