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Emenac Offshore Phone Order Taking Service (Inbound Sales) For Beauty & Care Websites

Are the visitors on the beauty supplies website leaving without adding anything to the cart? Is the online or offline beauty care business not receiving increasing returns when compared to the investment going into online and offline advertisements? Join hands with Emenac Call Center Services to employ the best inbound call handling team right away to gain and retain customers effectively.

An inbound order taking call center works not only to process sales but also guide callers and potential buyers with regards to the beauty and personal care business and its products in the best way possible, with an aim to ensure that the caller ends up making a purchase. Emenac’s offshore phone order taking center will also invest knowledge of cross-selling and up-selling. Therefore, offshore outsourcing inbound call handling services will help online beauty providers and personal care bigwigs increase their conversion ratio and witness a marked growth in their sales figures.

Why online beauty supplier stores will need offshore phone order taking services?

When it comes to any online beauty and personal care store or an online cosmetic care warehouse, its backbone or foundation invariably has to be an effective and adequate order taking system. The most effective method for beauty suppliers and retailers to establish sound inflow of sales is to have an inbound sales call center.

Justifying the Money Invested into Adverts and Increasing Sales

After looking at flashy advertisements in a magazine or going through online marketing schemes, customers will be compelled to call in to enquire more about the beauty supplies so that they can buy the right product as per the skin, hair or body needs. Here, chances are that leads can be generated. Without the presence of a phone order taking service, customers will not find any means of contacting and so, may get no guidance on cosmetics, appropriate skin care brands or fashion designers etc. they will eventually turn away. Therefore, it is essential to provide a helpline number where sales can be facilitated. Good sales over beauty supplies will also turn up a favorable ROI, justifying the investment made into marketing.

Dealing with the Interested Buyers to Convert Website Traffic into Sales

Advertisements are a good marketing tool, but they can only bring traffic onto a website. Once buyers have landed on the website, their curiosities about the personal care products need to be satiated. Otherwise, trust will not be gained into cosmetic and personal care products or services such as facials, manicures, pedicures etc and their pricing. What is essential is that they be dealt with expertly and professionally. Absence of an order taking service will leave the interested buyer unattended and turn the customer away to alternative online beauty supply stores. In order to keep sales from being lost to competitors, inbound call handling becomes largely essential.

Many a time buyers are unable to place an order since the order placement process on websites can often be confusing. For customers looking to buy certain personal care products or take appointments for facial, massage or any other service, an access to someone who can ease their own efforts would be great. If they have an agent available who can take orders or guide them through the order placement procedure over the telephone, there will be a marked increase in order placements of cosmetics and beauty and care products. Therefore, facilitating customers with a sales call center is integral for all internet beauty and personal care based merchants whether they are beauty product retailers or offline beauty service providers such as salons and spas.

Increasing Clientele for Offline Personal Care Businesses with Websites

Beauty salons, tattoo artists and spas having websites can gather customers from the internet if they have a sales call center in place. By visiting their websites, the interested buyers will know about their services such as types of tattoos, facials manicures, pedicures, massages etc. However, they may wish to know more as certain salon treatments or even tattooing can lead to allergies or find a more affordable package. Such questions need to be satisfied so that the website visitor is convinced to buy the service. Eventually, appointment will be taken and a customer will be made. However, without the presence of this call center, there would be no place for the customer to put in queries, get answered or take an appointment. Eventually, he would turn to an alternative website and a customer would be lost.

To Promote Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

An expert, sales call center offshore agent can use cross-selling tactics to push an alternative beauty care product and ensure that the buyer does not leave empty-handed. Similarly, even after a consumer has made a purchase, an expert order taking agent would use his up-selling expertise, as part of enhanced personal care, to accelerate profitability. However, these expert solutions are contingent on the presence of a phone order taking service.

How Emenac’s offshore inbound order taking call center can help an online beauty and personal care provider?

Be it beauty supplies, personal grooming supplies, cosmetic items, makeup products or any other sort of beauty and personal care accessories, Emenac offshore call center services has done its homework and boasts successful sales strategies to push sales for all. These strategies are available through its virtual sales call center. Here are some of the key features of Emenac’s offshore telephonic order taking system.

• Expertly trained offshore agents who are proficient in satiating personal care FAQs and closing sales for cosmetics, beauty supplies or other related items

• Offshore order taking agents who can provide consultancy to interested buyers in regards to their skin or hair problems, guide to the right beauty care or cosmetic product and ensure a good sales graph

• Inbound telesales offshore agents equipped with beauty and care diplomas and hence, complete knowledge of the field who can provide first call resolutions regarding all sorts of skin, hair and body care issues as well as effectively take down information from customers seeking professional advices or appointments from skin care professionals

• Order taking and sales processing done for online retailers of cosmetic brands and body care brands in minimum threshold time to ensure that no caller has to wait in line

• Offshore friendly sales agents who speak to potential buyers, providing that personal touch to the conversation, thus creating customer’s trust and generating leads for personal care products

• Integration of offshore call center technology and web interface to ease searching, viewing and ordering of beauty and personal care products for beauty supplies websites

• After-sales services provided to cope and address any possible issues for websites selling beauty products and cosmetics. These issues could range from delivery of wrong cosmetic item or a skin care product sent in wrong-sized jar

• Appointments taken and organized in a spreadsheet for offline personal care businesses with websites, such as spas, tattoo artists and beauty salons

• 24/7 offshore call center services provided to meet all time zones for beauty businesses working in different zones. After hours support and overflow call handling are also provided if needed

Online beauty and personal care suppliers can contact Emenac Call Center Services on +1.888.909.2207 at any time of the day. Emenac offshore call center services will be tailor-made to suit your needs so that both partners can flourish together.