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Emenac Offshore Phone Order Taking Service (Inbound Sales) For Health Care Websites

Increasing sales is essential for online healthcare businesses but wouldn’t it be difficult to do it without an order taking service? Get offshore live inbound marketing done by Emenac Call Center Services and increase sales as well as profitability.

Offshore outsourcing inbound telesales services would make sure that all visitors on the website of a pharmacy or medical practitioner are given complete assistance and provided with knowledge of the medical equipment or services in a convincing manner so as to ensure a good sales graph. In addition, an offshore inbound order taking call center will help in using sales techniques that will also allow for cross-selling and up-selling, eventually increasing portability.

Why medical websites or an online pharmacy would need order taking services?

For all sorts of online medical businesses from women’s healthcare services to orthopedics and sports medicine sellers, telephonic order taking is important. These services would not only effectively handle the interested buyers visiting the website but also help businesses increase profitability. Inbound telesales can be used in the following manner:

Online Pharmacies

For an online pharmacy, absence of a sales call center means no platform for the patient to buy medicines, vitamins or medical devices, equipment and supplies. Whether a patient is looking for allergy medications or alternative and natural medicine, it is possible that they do not find the right product on the website. In such times, the buyer may wish to find out about its availability and this is where the need for order taking comes in. The order taking agents may help out in case a medicine of the same formula is available with another brand name. Since the buyer may not have info of such things, order taking agents can ensure that the buyer does not move to an alternative online pharmacy and makes purchase.

‘Ask a Doctor’ Websites

Since visitors of general healthcare websites are either patients or their families, provision of extra care would delight visitors. Through an offshore sales call center, the initial, free of cost service can be taken easily and conveniently, thus a visitor is convinced to buy the paid account and start off with proper treatment. It is highly possible that a visitor is unable to interact with the website owing to lack of computer literacy, vision problem or any other illness or disease. It is also possible that the visitor is not good at typing health issues and wishes to speak to someone. In such times, the visitor may wish to get some help over the telephone. If an agent comes up to take down information, forward it to the medical professional and handle the entire process on the person’s behalf, the visitor will be greatly delighted. Without needing to type then, the website visitor will get medical assistance and will be encouraged to go further with it, convinced to sign up for a paid account on the medical website. Eventually a good company image will spread and as good word will spread about it, more customers will flow in and profitability will increase.

Air Cleaners and Filters

Most consumers, shopping for air cleaners and filters over the internet prefer to talk to an authority and make complete enquiry rather than entering credit card details on the website straight away. Since scams are common, buyers may not be able to trust a website if they don’t find assistance and eventually might move to an alternative medical website. In order to avoid losing the customers to competitors, inbound call handling must be brought in place. Eventually, conversion ratio will increase and profits will grow.

Healthcare Practitioners

For a website of a healthcare practitioner, order taking services become largely essential. This is so because the website will need to convert website visits into sales. Since these visits would be gained through platforms such as Goodge AdWords and Google AdSense, TV commercials, SEO and hoardings, the money invested into them has to be justified. However, without a sales call center number given on the website, patients may find no way of setting appointment and visiting the practitioner. In order to increase clientele and make good use of online advertisement, an inbound marketing becomes of much use.

How Emenac offshore call center services can help online healthcare businesses by its phone order taking service?

Whether an ecommerce website is related to geriatric and aging care services, hospice and home nursing care, laboratory testing and medical diagnostic services, wellness therapy and massage, allergy medications, air cleaners and filters or is simply one of those ask a doctor websites, Emenac offshore call center services can handle inbound call handling for all. A few of its many key features are:

• Making offshore agents proficient in required knowledge through training and workshops so that they can handle the customers well, lead effective product advocacy, give the right advices considering the patient’s condition and grow sales for online pharmacies as well as retailers of air cleaners and filters

• Responsible offshore sales reps who can use up-selling and cross-selling strategies to increase profits for online pharmacies without risking the health of the patient

• After-sales assistance on behalf of online pharmacies and retailers of air cleaners, to deal with any possibly occurring issues such as delivery of wrong product, late delivery or extra charges. This would ensure customer satisfaction and hence, retain customers

• Advanced technology that can integrate website interface with the telephonic call and make it easier for buyers of products from medical skin care services and pharmaceutical manufacturing to navigate through the suitable product range and place the order side by side on the online pharmacy

• Provision of consultancy regarding air cleaners and filters, drugs, medicines, beauty supplies and all sorts of medical equipment

• Appointment setting done for medical practitioners with the appointments classified and organized in a database and forwarded to the medial practitioner

• Saving of caller’s history to save time the next time the call is made to the healthcare practitioner and fasten up the sales process without needing to start all over again

• 24/7 offshore call center services offered for healthcare practitioners, ask-a-doctor websites, air cleaner sellers and online pharmacies; considering the fact that medical assistance can be felt at any time and also that many businesses work globally. Hence, all time zones have to be met

All medical websites interested in working with Emenac offshore call center services can call us at any time on +1.888.909.2207. Our business development team will be here to assist them and design a suitable project for them with a suitable price tag. As soon as the package gets approved by the client website, order taking services will begin.