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10 Reasons to Start With Emenac

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
  • Minimum Threshold Taken
  • Precise & Reliable Infrastructure
  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership

Emenac Offshore Phone Order Taking Service for Online Real Estate Dealers

For online realtors not reaping returns concurrent with the amount of investment being injected into online and offline advertising and marketing, Emenac Call Center Services provides the best offshore inbound call handling team to solve your problems.

Emenac Call Center Services works offshore not only to process sales but also guide callers and potential buyers with regards to the online real estate sector, but also to ensure that callers end up buying or renting premium real estate. Emenac offshore call center will also provide data and statistics along with its expert opinion regarding sales and conversion ratios. This will provide a better understand of the prevalent requirements of the market and inevitably make business operations productive. Therefore, offshore outsourcing inbound call handling services will help online realtors increase conversion ratios and witness a marked growth in sales figures.

Why online realtors need inbound telesales services and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

Online real estate establishments invariably rely on an effective and adequate order taking system. The most effective method for these online enterprises to establish sound communication lines with their buyers and potential customers is to have an offshore inbound sales call center. Such a professional relationship will effectively improve online sales and increase customer satisfaction.

After looking at advertisements in a magazine or looking at marketing schemes over Google AdWords or AdSense, potential buyers will surely be compelled to call in on the helpline number and inquire about the properties on offer. If a potential customer calls in, chances are that leads can be generated. Potential investors may be calling in to seek help in regards to available sizes of homes or condos, rents or prices or maybe office spaces suiting their needs. Without the presence of a phone order taking service, potential customers will not have any means of contacting the relevant authorities. This could lead to them to a competitive website that offers more clarity. Therefore, along with marketing and advertising of a property or real estate, it is equally essential to provide a helpline number where sales and queries can be facilitated.

Incoming calls to inquire about one property is seen as an opportunity by our agents to up-sell and cross-sell other properties on offer by the online realtor, thereby ensuring a higher number of sales and a higher ROI. As investors or renters call in and ask for certain type of property, it is possible that it is not available. The offshore order taking team can offer them an alternative estate in order to secure the customer and keep him/her from moving on to another real estate website. If an investor is asking for a larger piece of land which is not available, one piece of land can be up-sold along with the adjacent one to increase profit and meet the demands of the investor. This way, not only good profitability can be maintained but also, a good ratio of sales of real estate can be ensured and appreciable profitability can be ensured.

Many times, website visitors might not be able to use the website properly and place orders. They might even face inability to find the estate of choice such as the apartment rentals for specific locality. In such situations, they may call the real estate business expecting someone to come to their assistance. If no one comes up, they will move to another real estate website and this way, an investor will be lost. If the caller is given assistance, not only a sale will be made and profits earned but also a good company image will be created which will lead to more investors flowing in. With a large inflow of investors and a good image, growth and development will come easy at hands.

Some other key features of Emenac’s telephonic offshore order taking Service.

• Expertly trained offshore agents who are the best of the best in providing customer care and ensuring an effective increase in internet sales for online real estate companies.

• Telesales offshore agents equipped with complete knowledge of all sorts of online real estate systems, who apply that knowledge to effectively position the online realtor as the best realtor available. They work primarily towards delivering increased sales, while boosting the customer retention level.

• 24/7 offshore call center services provided to meet all time zones for online realtors working in different zones. After hours support and overflow call handling are also provided if needed.

• Appointment setting and payments processes completed in minimum threshold time to ensure that no caller has to wait in line.

• Friendly offshore agents who speak to potential investors, providing that personal touch to the conversation, thus creating trust and generating leads.

• After-purchase services provided to cope and address any possible issues that may creep up with the house such as overflowing gutters or seepage in walls etc.

• Integration of offshore call center technology and web interface to ease searching, viewing and purchasing or renting from online realtors.

Online real estate companies can contact Emenac offshore call center services on +1888.909.2207 at any time of the day. Emenac’s offshore call center services will be tailor-made to suit your needs so that both partners can flourish together.