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With ‘Emenac Call Center Services’, you can allow travelers to make reservations
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Emenac Offshore Phone Order Taking (Inbound Sales) For Travel & Transportation Websites

Is the travel, transport and tourism website unable to convert website visitors into bookings and reservations? Is the money invested into attracting travelers not being justified by the bookings being made? Emenac’s offshore order taking call center knows the right ways of ridding an online travel and transport businesses of such problems.

By outsourcing inbound sales call center to Emenac offshore call center services, online travel and transport businesses can make sure that each call that comes in, finds interest in the travel deals, packages, ticket fares or other offerings of the website. As leads are generated, successful sales skills are applied and bookings are made. This leads to growing profitability. Since the inbound sales agents also proficiently assist callers wit itineraries and website interface, company goodwill is increased too and a strong customer-base is formed.

Why online travel and transportation companies need an order taking call center and how Emenac Call Center services can help them?

An offshore phone order taking service can help online travel service providers in many different ways. The transportation, travel and tourism businesses that we cater to, include:

• Online Travel Agencies and Travel Booking Sites                      • Air Travel Services

• Cruise Ships • Courier and Cargo                                           • Hotels and Resorts

• Public Transportation Companies                                           • Car Rental Services

Some of them are as follows:

Lead Generation

By watching breathtaking pictures of Canary Islands, the nostalgic historical Art Nouveau buildings of France or the amazingly romantic views of Venetian Grand Canal, travelers and tourists can be easily attracted to a transportation, travel and tourism service website. Similarly, by advertising low rates, car rental and courier services can also draw potential customers to the business’s website. However, after checking out the offerings on the website, the interested buyer would also call in to enquire further about pricing or packages or maybe to get some consultancy about the tour and itinerary plan. This is where the virtual phone receptionists have high chances of generating leads whilst assisting the caller. If no one receives the call, a customer might be lost to competitors.

By offshore outsourcing the task to Emenac Call Center Services, transportation, travel and tourism service providers can ensure high conversion ratios. Our agents can successfully lead service and product advocacy that generates consumer interest and even if a booking is not made immediately, company positioning is bettered. Hence, chances of increasing profits grow.

Converting Website Visits into Bookings and Reservations

Online and offline advertisements remain one way of drawing visitors to the travel and tourism website but converting these visitors into sales is only what can do justice to the investment made into advertising the business. Visitors landing onto the website may call in to ask if certain type of room is available in the hotel or if certain car can be rented for a given amount of time. Travelers and tourists may also call in to find out about availability of tickets from certain airline of their choice. To such callers, someone on behalf of the business needs to entertain or else, they will return unsatisfied. Eventually, a chance for a reservation or booking will be missed.

With the presence of an offshore inbound sales call center, all such calls will be efficiently received and no chances of a sale will be missed. If Emenac Call Center Services comes to handle this call center, profitability will increase several folds. If certain service asked for would not be available, cross-selling of an alternative travel service will be done through successful sales skills to save a customer maintain an appreciable inflow of profits. Once a booking or reservation has been made, up-selling is also done to increase profits. Hence, Emenac’s inbound telesales help in increasing the profits amazingly.

Assist Potential Buyers to Ensure that No Chances for Sales are Missed

In many cases, visitors landing on the website might not be able to make a booking or reservation themselves owing to inability to use the website properly. In such times, they would want to make a call to the business and asks someone to do their bit. For such cases, online travel agencies or travel service providers must have offshore inbound call handling services so that all such callers can be entertained. Without the presence of such a call center, the caller will not be helped and this way, customers will be lost. Eventually, several chances of increasing profitability will be lost and this make take a travel and transportation business to fall into jeopardy.

If an offshore order taking system is handled to Emenac Call Center Services, a transportation and tourism business can ensure that all calls are taken and no caller is left unattended. This way, any website visitor facing difficulties will be assisted and a sale will be closed. Thus, potential buyers will be kept from moving on to competitor transportation businesses and also, company goodwill will increase. Reservations and bookings will grow and customer loyalty will increase too.

All online transportation and travel businesses can call us at +1.888.909.2207 at any time and within no time, offshore inbound order taking services will begin.