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Troubleshoot all issues facing customers of your ecommerce business

Our technical support team helps your customers overcome issues with electronic,
IT or technical devices sold online ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

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Emenac Offshore Technical Support Call Center Service For E-Commerce Industry

Is the ecommerce business unable to satisfy customers in terms of technical problems facing them and hence, seeing reduced customer retention? Is the ecommerce website receiving a lot of customers confused about technicalities related to the products and/or services that it offers? Offshore outsourcing remote tech support to Emenac Call Center Services will help in providing all kinds of assistance to customers in terms of technology and technical help. Our agents will help customers use the products and services in a better way and also troubleshoot technical issues facing them so as to ensure high customer satisfaction. This will bring all stores online higher customer retention and a good company image.

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Why an ecommerce business may need technical support services and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

An ecommerce business associated with products and/or services that may encounter technical issues, Emenac Call Center Services offers services of a technical support call center. Some of the benefits that Emenac Call Center Services offers to its clients associated with ecommerce industry include:

Improving Customer Experience of the Product or Service

A customer, who might have shopped a product or service online, may encounter technical issues while using it. These products are mostly those products that work mechanically or electronically such as any kind of tool, home appliances, kitchen appliances and electronics such as TVs, laptops, home theaters and cell phones etc. The services that may encounter technical issues could be internet services or any kind of services sold online. In such times, the customer will call up the ecommerce business to seek assistance and if left unattended, the customer will be greatly aggrieved. The caller might want to know how to fix an internet connection if it intermittently disconnects of if the modem stops receiving signals. There could also be issues such as inability to install a home theater or set up an LED TV so as to view 3D channels on it. Service providers such as online tutoring services may receive calls from students, asking for help in regards to any technical lectures that they might have gotten such as Microsoft Office. Tackling with such calls is essential to improvise the experience of end user and give an impression that the ecommerce website is not just about selling but also improving customer satisfaction.

While the employees and management of any ecommerce business might be quite busy and may not be able to take up calls of buyers at all times, Emenac Call Center Services can be offshore outsourced with a call center dedicated to technical support services. Our agents will work to provide callers with technical support solutions for any time span that the ecommerce business owner will want us to. For ecommerce websites working globally, this technical care service can even be given for 24/7 so as to meet all time zones. For a 24 hour service, the agents at Emenac Call Center Services will work in different shifts so that no agent is overburdened with work and a good service level is maintained. Each caller is dealt with until completely satisfied and arrangements are made such that no caller has to wait in queues for very long. Emenac Call Center Services works to provide first call resolutions satiating the needs of each caller. Larger issues however, are reported immediately to the concerned department so as to be reviewed and addressed in the shortest possible time. This way, Emenac Call Center Services ensures satisfaction for all customers and end-users, earning the ecommerce website, a good image and increased company goodwill.

Troubleshooting Technical Problems and Ensuring Smooth Functioning of the Products/Services

While people may frequently face difficult in handling technical sides of the products or services that they might have bought online, they can be given guidance and the will be satisfied. However, dealing with technical problems is just not the task of a lay person and in case of a product or service encountering technical issues, the only option a customer would have is to call the ecommerce website and seek assistance. If no one comes to help, the website will earn a bad image and customers will deem it to be interested only in making sales and earning money and having no concern with improving customer experience. Since the modern-day customer feels comfortable only with those businesses with which he feels a personal relationship and sense of care, the customer will leave an online business with bad image and start preferring alternate stores online. This way, an ecommerce website will continue losing customers and customer retention will become an issue. Moreover, the bad company image will bring the online business, a lot of problems, the most prominent of which, will be a bad positioning in the market. To avoid all such issues, it is largely essential to provide all customers with technical assistance when and as they need it.

Emenac Call Center Services  offers all stores online with offshore technical support and services to help them offer post-purchase satisfaction to their customers. Our offshore agents can work for any time span that they will be asked to. An ecommerce business dealing with customers from all parts of the globe can receive calls from anywhere. Since, the customers in need will call as per times convenient to them and hence, calls will be received 24 hours. Emenac Offshore Call Center Services can serve such ecommerce businesses as well as those looking for technical support team to work for limited time span each day. All callers are given first call resolutions and each call is handled in lowest possible time so that other callers do not find buy lines or have to wait in queues for very long. While the talk-time for each call is kept as short as possible, we make sure that each caller returns satisfied. The larger issues are reported to the concerned authorities as soon as possible so that they can be reviewed and addressed and the customer is provided with all help needed. This way, Emenac Call Center Services ensures high customer satisfaction and retention. A good company image is this maintained for the ecommerce website and company goodwill is grown.

All ecommerce websites of which, products and services are likely to encounter technical issues or which may involve certain technicalities to be used, can contact Emenac Call Center Services at any time on +1.888.909.2207.