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Specialized Outbound Sales Outsourcing Service, Affordable & Yielding

With Emenac Call Center Services, you can rid yourselves of the outbound sales call handling concerns. Because we understand fully that telemarketing services require a specific skill set that’s not easy to come by. Luckily our outbound call center services in this genre are quite up to the speed regardless of the nature of your business. We possess the resources and the enthusiasm to meet your outbound sales goals with professionalism and efficiency.

B2B & B2C Services

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Telemarketing/Outbound Sales Outsourcing is your way to energize the dropping sales:
Is your firm dipping on sales-scale? Kick it up with Telemarketing Service Outsourcing!

It’s not unusual for sales to drop during a business year, even for the most profitable of businesses. When this scenario happens, smart companies engage outsourced telemarketing services to boost sales. Since outsourcing does not require them to upgrade staff or equipment. An outsourced outbound sales team can vest 24 hours a day to give profitable output, regardless of wherever they might be working around the globe. If outsourcing seems like a risky business maneuver, here are few reasons what benefits a worthy telemarketing team like Emenac Call Center Services can gain your firm:

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Handling B2B & B2C Telemarketing

Emenac Call Center Services possesses industry specific tele-sales teams that are equipped with all the right tools to close sales deals with both businesses and individuals. Since we work with clients from almost all industrial backgrounds, our services vary from company to company to better suit the client’s unique needs.

Appointment Setting

Emenac Call Center Services can organize appointments for your firm officials and reschedule them. May it be official or personals meetings, our courteous staff will be nothing but charming and structured. Our agents also make follow up calls to remind involved parties of their appointment and confirm their availability.

Sales Training

By outsourcing to Emenac Call Center Services, businesses can relive themselves off concerns like sales agent hiring and training. We already have the ready-to-use software and professional workforce that can readily start working for clients, conscious of their policies and expectations.

Promotional Campaigns

We launch successful marketing strategies to promote all the product/service range in stock, not just the popular ones. Depending upon seasonality and usefulness of the products, we keep adjusting the sales tactics to better appeal to target pool.

Customer Surveys

Outsourcing outbound services, also help you gain the true customer insights through feedback and satisfaction surveys. Our research professionals prepare the questionnaires that cover all the aspects of a product/service and then ask the end-users for review. Their answers prove to be remarkable suggestions for brand development.

Technician Hiring

We can hire third-party local technicians so that any unresolved issue may be eliminated on-site. As we know, not all the issues can be resolved over phone and not all businesses have the resources to resolve non-native onsite issues. We encounter these situations by hiring a native expert for companies.

Recruitment Services

We offer recruitment services to hire staff on client’s behalf. Not all officials have the time to judge a prospective employee on all the merits related to a service position. We can hold interviews, tests and even initial training sessions to give our client the best suited individuals for the post.

Emenac Call Center Services Inspires the Customer with Catchy Telemarketing Tone

Emenac Call Center Services offers expert and insightful telemarketing services. We understand the sales market is cut-throat, given that there are about thousands of vendors selling same products and service. But we make your brand stand out, through a customer-winning attitude. We don’t force our products on customers; rather we entice them and make them see that they need the said products as much as the company needs to sell them. Thus we establish a mutual win-win situation. Advanced marketing techniques the revolutionizing the way a brand speaks to its target audience; it’s more interactive, more compliant of customer’s feelings and more controlled in its development and image projection. Emenac Call Center Services is apace with all these trends and coming up with yet new and better telemarketing approaches.

Cold & Warm Calling

Our agents perform cold calling to explore new sales opportunities, and warm calling to proceed with the deals with already interested customers. These both call strategies require cautious forethought and glitch free execution since they are crucial to the brand image. Our agents ensure that any interested customers of any demographic finds something likable enough to purchase it.

Cross & Up-Selling:                                 

Cross selling and upselling tools are used to tempt customers into spending a little extra than they planned. Cross selling is used to sell a customer a supplementary product in addition to the product already purchased by the customer. Upselling is upgrading a sale by offering a newer, better product/service version that a customer might not be aware of. These techniques come in handy both for customer and the company. The customers will be happy to get a bonus product or a newer model while company makes more profit in a single deal.

Sales Verification

Once an order is placed, we give our customers an obligatory confirmation call to confirm order details and any other specifications that a customer might have. It is beneficial to both customer and vendor since it saves time and effort and no shipment is wrongly delivered.

Interactive & Personal

Telemarketing services in all our customized packages have one thing in common i.e. whatever the package, the service will always be delivered with warmth and professional courtesy. Our agents are prompt responders who excel in calming customer’s concerns with patience and indulgence without compromising company’s policy.

Complete Brand Knowledge

Last but not the least, Emenac Call Center Services offers services that are delivered with complete knowledge of the product and the services, we are promoting to the customers.  So that we are ready to answer any question that might arise. Our thorough agents sometimes use the product themselves beforehand to familiarize themselves with all its features.

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