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Emenac Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Service For Online Apparel Stores

Is the apparel website not gaining desirable sales owing to ineffective promotion? Does it sound too difficult to communicate with the prospects, introduce the online apparel showroom and position it rightly? Let Emenac Call Center Services handle all the promotional matters and within no time, caller’s list will be sorted out through effective lead generation and sales will be increased considerably.

Offshore outsourcing telemarketing sales services would bring online apparel stores with effective marketing and hence, get it the right positioning in the minds of just the right customers. Whether or not the sales will be made immediately, awareness about the business will grow and so will the goodwill. Gradually, this will lead to increasing clientele and hence, growing sales graphs. Post-sales welcoming and feedback surveys will ensure bring in high customer loyalty and retention, leaving the apparel website with a large customer base and heightened profitability.

Why online apparel stores need to have outbound call center offshore services?

For an apparel business that only has online presence, online adverts and search engine banners might be a good strategy to draw visitors on the website. However, in order to increase internet sales through customer acquisition, there needs to be a different arrangement. This arrangement includes setting up outbound offshore call center services. Other than effectively promoting the business amongst the target groups, these services are important for online apparel stores for various reasons. Some of the reasons are:

Increasing Sales and Profitability

Many internet users might simply ignore adverts and banners until and unless they have specifically searched for an online apparel business. Therefore, the most effective way to reach down to the potential buyers for apparel based ecommerce website and convince them on buying is to have outbound offshore call center services. Without it, an appreciable amount of buyers will not be gathered. Cold calling would work wonders in increasing sales though, as it includes lead generation services which create consumer interest in products. In today’s time, fashion and dressing have become largely important to people. Yet, the craze for convenience does not allow spending much time shopping. Offshore outbound telemarketing of women apparel, gold and diamond jewelry, men shoes or kids apparel for prospects to look up online and order without leaving their comfort zones, will surely be a great shopping opportunity for them. In turn, this will work a great deal in accelerating sales.

Through outbound call center ofshore services, apparel websites can also get prospects to sign up to the website even if sales are not immediately made. As prospects would sign up, contact information can be collected and entered into the database. In turn, newsletters and promotions can be sent on behalf of the apparel business, offering discounts and other value offers. This way, sales can be achieved later.

If for the time being, cold calling is not aimed at lead generation, making sales or signing up a large number of prospects, at least the online apparel showroom will be promoted and positioned into the minds of the potential buyers. Eventually, traffic will increase on the website and awareness about the business will spread. In the long run, this may boost sales.

Ensuring Customer Retention

An offshore outbound contact center can lead welcome and feedback calls after purchase has been made. These calls not only humble the customer but also provide them opportunities to provide their feedback regarding the experience with the business. When welcomed as part of the business, the customer feels privileged and cared for, which marks a good impression of the business. Feedback, on the other hand, allows for enhancements to be made, in turn, bettering relationship of the business with the customers. According to the feedback received, changes can be made for the better. The more the apparel, apparel accessories and services turn favorable for the customers, the higher is the customer retention.

Offshore outbound marketing also includes reminder calls which can be made to the customers some time after they have ordered a product. Through these calls, customers can be asked if they wish to place the order again. If interested, an order will be taken and if not interested, they can be convinced successfully to continue with the online apparel store. This would in turn, help retain customers and bring about high profitability.

Post-sale Verifications

Surveys can also be lent in terms of post-sale verifications. Verifiable information may include ordered product, correct sizes which is especially important for women and men shoes, order number and address of delivery etc. It will ensure that the right product reaches the right place keeping away any unwanted situation. This too will add to customer satisfaction and hence, better the position of the apparel website in the customers’ minds.

Surveys and Researches

Through an offshore outbound contact center, online apparel stores can also lead surveys with customers and hold market researches. These researches and surveys would help the apparel business better product range as well as launch new products as per the likes of the clientele. Understanding the psyche and interest of their customers, the collections of apparel and apparel accessories can be brought in for every season. With the stock meeting the requirements of the customers, a good relationship will develop between the apparel business and its buyers. Eventually, customer loyalty will grow.

Enhancing and Managing Database

Once phone surveys have been done and telemarketing leads have all been organized, telemarketing companies can update contact list and enhance the database, keeping in only the prospects. All extra contacts will be removed and with this, time will be saved for cold calling. Eventually, promotion of the online apparel showroom will be done more effectively and chances of increasing sales conversion will grow too.

How Emenac Call Center Services can help online apparel showrooms with its offshore outbound contact center services?

For all sorts of fashion apparel and apparel accessories, Emenac offshore call center services offers B2C as well as B2B marketing. These offshore outbound telemarketing services help apparel manufacturers as well as retailers in many ways. Some of the benefits that Emenac Call Center Services offers include:

• Call recording done by Emenac Call Center services Quality Assurance Department to ensure high service level. Recordings can be sent to the client on demand. The client is also facilitated with live call tracing to maintain a good quality of service

• Strategically planned marketing campaigns that help successfully reach down to the target market and increase sales for women apparel, kids apparel, men apparel, college apparel, sports apparel, shoes, head accessories and jewelry

• Market analyses and researches conducted in order improvise website interface or apparel range so as to suit the needs of the buyers and increase website traffic as well as the sales

• Progressive technology put into effect that utilizes newest IT innovations to help maintain smooth and hindrance free outbound call center offshore operations

• Integrity of the highly trained telemarketers that reflects positively on the company’s image, bettering the position and company goodwill

• Knowledgeable and dedicated telemarketers who promote and market the apparel products in the best of manner, bringing high conversion ratios

• Dialing mannerisms and timings set so as to meet the laws set by the government and be able to abide by all the legalities

• Guidance on selecting and buying the right apparel or apparel accessories provided to potential buyers, leading product advocacy that convinces on buying

Beginning with Emenac offshore call center services is not so difficult. These sales offhsore outsourcing services for online apparel stores are just a phone call away. Call us at +1 888.909.2207 and we will plan out a suitable project as per the requirements of the business. Once finalized, services will begin.