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10 Reasons to Start With Emenac

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
  • Minimum Threshold Taken
  • Precise & Reliable Infrastructure
  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership

Emenac Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Service For Beauty & Care Websites

Is the online or offline beauty and personal care business not capturing sales when compared to the investment going into online and offline advertisements? Join hands with Emenac Call Center Services to employ the best outbound telemarketing call team right away and see your sales graphs skyrocket towards the heavens.

An offshore outbound call center service provider works to capture sales through aggressive and strategic calling, building customer relations by offering latest beauty products and impressive salon services. Emenac’s call center will pitch in expertise to generate leads regarding beauty and personal care. These leads will be then be converted into sales of cosmetics, skin care products as well as spa and tattoo services through proficient sales skills. Hence, offshore outsourcing outbound telemarketing services will help online as well as offline beauty care providers increase their sales and witness a marked growth in their profit margins and customer base.


Why online beauty supplier stores will need outbound telemarketing services?

Some of the reasons why an offshore outbound call center must be in started by online and offline beauty care providers are:

To Promote Business, Generate Leads and Increase Sales

When it comes to any online beauty and personal care store, the means of survival comes down to impressive clientele. The most effective method for online beauty suppliers and retailers to capture outstanding sales figures and growth as well as establish a loyal customer base is to have an outbound telemarketing expert call center on their team. Through lead generation services of an outbound contact center, latest beauty products can be promoted to prospects effectively. Hence, even if a sale would not be made immediately, at least the business would be promoted and the called prospects have high chances of returning to make purchase.

For online as well as offline personal care businesses such as cosmetics websites, spas, beauty salons and tattoo artists, offshore outbound call center services can work to promote newly introduced services such as any special massages, facials or manicure and pedicure packages. Moreover, any discount offers over these services can also be promoted through cold calling. Since these services are of much use to people today, especially women, cold calling can work wonders here in generating leads. Eventually, people may come down to buy those services and such a professional relationship will definitely effectively improve the overall sales graph and boost profitability.

To Take Appointments

For offline businesses that cannot give services or products over the internet; such as spas, beauty salons and tattoo artists, websites can work as a platform to gather more customers and increase sales. As customers will be promoted through telephonic telemarketing services with the latest manicure and pedicure packages, hair cutting techniques, relaxing massages or the new trends for tattoo lovers, they may wish to try them out. The telemarketers can take down appointment there and then and add another customer to the offline personal care business.

For Customer Retention

Once a customer has bought a product from a beauty supplies store or gotten a service from an offline personal care business such as a tattoo, facial or massage, the business can still use offshore telemarketing companies. For the post-purchase period, customers can be called and welcomed to the business. This would add a personal tinge to the business and make customers more comfortable with it. Eventually, retaining the customers would become easier. Through welcome calls, customers can also be asked for any assistance needed and in case they do, assistance must be given.

Feedback calling can be made through an offshore outbound contact center to find out about the experience of the customer with the personal care product, cosmetic item, facial, massage, tattoo or whatever the product or service they might have gotten. Accordingly, things can be bettered if needed and with betterments, the company’s positioning will better in the market. Eventually, good word will spread about it and not only the existing customers will be delighted but more customers will flow on.

For customer of online or offline beauty and personal care businesses who did not return after the first buy, reminder calls can be made as part of sales techniques. More products or service and be introduced and the customer can be welcomed for more shopping with satisfaction guaranteed. This too will keep customers from being lost to competitors.

To Lead Surveys and Researches

Through offshore outbound calling, online as well as offline personal care businesses may lead customer-based surveys or market researches to find out the needs of customers or the latest trends in the market regarding beauty and personal care. For instance, the trend of natural skin care products might have overtaken chemical-based products. With such surveys and researches, product or service line can be bettered and more customers can be drawn in. In turn, profitability will be higher.

How Emenac’s offshore outbound telemarketing services can help an online beauty and personal care provider?

Professional telemarketing offshore agents at Emenac Call Center Services are trained and competent in handling calls of a diverse range of prospects. When it comes to Emenac Call Center Services, its outbound telemarketing offshore agents are highly trained and experienced in managing calls and they are qualified in pursuing prospects and customers in order to inform them about a product or service that their client is offering. The strategies employed in telemarketing at Emenac Call Center Services are professional and done so in a way where empty promises are not made to the prospect. A few of the many benefits that online beauty supplies stores or offline beauty care professionals can enjoy with Emenac Call Center Services are:

• Highly professional offshore outbound telemarketers who can grow market potential and profitability for online and offline personal care businesses, using remarkable sales skills

• Each campaign is tailor-made well in accordance to beauty supplies or services to meet the needs of the online as well as offline beauty businesses

• Round the clock call agents working hard towards both business to consumer telemarketing and business to business telemarketing to comply with all time zones

• Reports are generated regarding campaign and sent to the client for assessment on demand

• Agents monitored out to ensure the high standard of quality which they are required to provide to consumers of beauty and personal care products and services

• Telemarketing offshore agents at Emenac Call Center Services will deal with each call professionally regardless of the personality of the prospect that they are calling. Furthermore, out agents always ensure the privacy of our client’s data

• Sales lead generation, telesales, appointment setting, and customer service are all essential services offered, specially chosen and combined to best satisfy the needs of those working to sell beauty and cosmetic products in this booming industry.

• Emenac Call Center Services also ensures that a onetime beauty product seeking consumer isn’t just that, onetime. Our friendly and professional offshore agents stay in contact with the customers we bring into the fold, giving an opportunity to find out more about the customers’ needs and build a better relationship. In the end, improved customer satisfaction can have a significant impact on the profitability of any online beauty retailer or wholesaler

Online beauty and personal care suppliers can contact Emenac Call Center Services on +1 888.909.2207 at any time of the day. Emenac’s offshore call center services will be tailor-made to suit your needs so that both partners can flourish together.