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Emenac Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Service for Home & Office Decor Websites

Is the online home equipment supplier or office furniture retailer not capturing sales? Does there seem to be some lack of communication between the business and the customers that is not promoting the business well? Join hands with Emenac Call Center Services to employ the best offshore outbound telemarketing call team right away and see your sales graphs rise high, along with your profit margins.

An offshore outbound call center service provider works not only to capture sales through strategic calling, but also builds customer relations with both individual customers. As far as sales home, kitchen or office appliances are concerned, an offshore outbound call center can work well. It would also help in understanding the prevalent requirements of the market, and inevitably make business operations more productive. Therefore, offshore outsourcing outbound telemarketing services will help those engaged in the online home and office décor space increase their sales numbers and witness a marked growth in their profit margins and customer base.

Why online home and office décor suppliers need offshore outbound telemarketing services?

To Increase Sales

Through outbound calling, home and office décor businesses can get cold calling done and introduce the business as well as its products or services to the potential buyer. These could be about bathroom accessories or appliances, lights and lighting, garden décor and accessories, home heating and cooling systems, home improvement programs or other related products and services. As this is done, service or product advocacy can be led that would generate consumer interest. Once the lead has been generated, sales can be achieved.

However, it is not necessary that a sale will be made immediately but at any time, the buyer could come back to shop. Once a business and its offerings have been positioned on the minds of customers, whenever they would need to get home or office refurbished, their chances of calling in, increase greatly. Oftentimes, experienced telemarketers can also close sales on the very first call. This way, outbound calling ensures increasing sales as along with adverts and websites, cold calling brings in sales too.

For interior decoration and home improvement businesses giving, doing business online only is not an option as services need to be implemented but surely they can have websites to drag customers from. For such businesses, while the website will give only an overview of what they can do, the offshore outbound telemarketing team can set appointments and bring customers to the business to further convince them on making purchase.

To Retain Customers

Through outbound calling, welcome calls can also be made to customers who have already purchased a home décor product from maybe water filters to lights and lighting, or gotten the interior done for home or office. This call can be made to welcome the customer to the business and told more about products or services. Also, the customer can be ensured about assistance in times of need. This would make up for a good company image and delight the customer. Hence, a better relationship with the customers would be formed.

By making feedback calls, home and office décor businesses can enquire from the customers regarding their comfort with the interior or furniture, colors, paints and everything else. Any issue should be resolved immediately so that a bad image of the business does not remain the minds of the customers. With a happy and satisfied clientele, a good image of the business forms and good word of mouth spread around. Eventually, more customers come in.

For Surveying and Researching

An offshore outbound call center can also be used to lead market researches and surveys that may include customers. These researches and surveys can be done to find out the latest trends in the interior decoration market in terms of colors, fabrics, space settings etc. Accordingly, the services and products offered at the business can be changed or additional products and services can be introduced. The more the services and products are in accordance to the likes of the customers, the better is the customer loyalty and the higher the sales go. Eventually, an increase in profits can be seen.

How Emenac offshore outbound telemarketing services can help a home and office décor provider?

• High level of sales skills applied in addition to cross-selling and up-selling and profitability of furniture or décor items increased to an amazing level

• Each campaign is tailor-made to meet the needs of customers. For instance, for home and office equipment suppliers a strategy is devised to target sales from individual customers. This system ensures good relations with all business partners and customers

• Call center offshore agents working round the clock towards both business-to-consumer telemarketing and business-to-business telemarketing. Reports are generated regarding the sales of interior décor products and then sent to the client for assessment

• Calls of angry customers of home décor and interior websites or home improvement companies and contractors, handled with care and assured of complete assistance to ensure customer retention. Whether the problem is about broken furniture or wrong color applied on the wall, it is forwarded to the concerned department to be addressed immediately

• Agents are monitored out to ensure the high standard of quality that they are required to provide to all businesses concerned with home and office décor

• Results of surveys and researches organized in a spreadsheet in various categories as per the requirements, for instance kitchen décor and bathroom interior, and sent to the client for assessment

Interested parties looking to excel can contact Emenac offshore call center services on +1 888.909.2207 at any time of the day. Emenac’s offshore services will be tailor-made to suit your needs so that both partners can flourish together.