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  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
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  • 37% growth in sales conversion
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  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership

Emenac Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Service For Online Service Providers

Are the online services not being promoted in the right manner? Are the sales for online services not desirable and the target market still needs to be hit despite mass advertisement? Make use of Emenac’s outbound telemarketing campaigns.

By offshore outsourcing outbound call center services to Emenac Call Center Services, online service providers will be able to have their services promoted to the target clientele very effectively through cold calling. This would lead to increasing sales. As customers are made, Emenac Call Center Services will also work to retain them and lead surveys and feedbacks to keep the online services business up-to-date and hence, always in demand. This way, not only profitability will grow but also a strong customer-base will emerge.

Why online service providers need an outbound contact center and how Emenac Call Center Services can help in this regard?

Increasing Sales and Profitability

Online and offline adverts are a common strategy to gain customers for online services. However, many internet users may simply ignore banners unless they have specifically searched for a product or service on the banner. Hence, in order to justify the investment gone into advertising, SEO and other promotional strategies, online service providers can use telephonic telemarketing campaigns. As per a research, these campaigns grow sales almost doubling them up and hence, are very successful strategy to apply to grow sales. Throng cold calling, online service providers can have the target buyers focused and promoted the latest services to. For instance, any newly introduced package for email services or online cloud services can be promoted. Cold callers can also tell the prospects how certain online library services will ease studying for them. Over these calls, service and product advocacy can be led that would generate consumer’s interest and make up for sales in times to come, if not immediately.

Emenac’s outbound call center offshore agents have the skill and tactic to generate leads through cold calling and ensure increased sales. Using Emenac’s live telemarketing sales strategies will leave online service provider with a larger customer-base and increasing profitability.

Retaining Customers

In order maintain good relationships with the customers, online service providers can lead welcome calling. These calls include welcoming the customer to the online services business after the first purchase and assuring of complete care and assistance in times of need. If any sort of assistance would be needed, it must be provided right away. This would humble the customer and make him/her comfortable with the online services business. Emenac gets all these tasks done extremely proficiently. In turn, the customer would be retained and a stronger customer-base would emerge.

Telemarketers can also be made to lead live feedback calling through which, customer feedbacks can be collected. Angry customers or those awaiting assistance must be calmed down immediately and given all help needed. As for the others, feedback can be collected and sent to the concerned authorities so that the online services and their provision can be taken more in accordance to the needs of the customers. Emenac Call Center Services handles all these tasks in an extremely organized manner and resolved all issues immediately. For bigger issues, notifications are sent to the online service providers so that changes can be made as soon as possible. This way, the services and their provision turns up as liked by the customers and eventually, a happier and more satisfied clientele is formed. Customer retention then increases.

Offshore outbound cold calling can also be used to remind customers who might not have returned since a very long time, to come and check out the latest offerings. A few services and packages can be promoted to them as leads generated. This is another effective way of retaining customers.

Surveying and Researching

An offshore outbound call center service can be used to lead market researches and customer-based surveys. These researches and surveys can be used to check out the latest happenings around the world, the needs of customers and the latest trends of the market. Accordingly, online service providers can make changes and update their business so as to gain more customers. For instance, a survey might show that the customers are requiring online account services to be made compatible with tablets and smartphone through applications. These changes can be made to retain older customers and draw more customers towards the online services.

Emenac Call Center Services can help online service providers effectively with offshore live surveying and researching. All the results are organized into a spreadsheet and sent to the concerned authorities to be reviewed. Once the changes are made, the online services business reaps amazing results.

Managing Database

By cold calling, online service providers can also shortlist the phone numbers where a sense of interest was felt. This way, the database can be changed with those number eliminated where chances of making sales is less. Hence, the next time cold calling is done, time will be saved as no unproductive calls will be made and most calls made will result in a sale.

Emenac offshore Call Center Services can assist online service providers in making these lists time and again to stay updated. This would save the service providers’ time and also make cold calling more effective and fruitful.

All types of online service providers can contact us on +1.888.909.2207 at any time. Our business development team will be there to assist and have a package customized for the client to reap the best results.