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Emenac Offshore Outbound Telemarketing Service For Transportation, Travel & Tourism Websites

Is the online travel or transport business not being able to make bookings as desirable? Are the interested travelers coming up on the website returning too often without making reservations and bookings? Offshore outsource outbound marketing services to Emenac and see profitability charts growing like never before.

Offshore outbound call center services from Emenac Call Center Services can help online travel and tour operators to reach down to the right customers in the right manner. Hence, more and more travelers can be drawn in and clientele can be grown. Once a customer is formed, Emenac Call Center Services also works to retain customers, positioning the online travel business better in the market and strengthening the relationships with travelers.

Why travel booking sites need offshore outbound call center services and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

For travel, transportation and tourism businesses, Emenac offshore call center services can serve online travel agencies, travel booking sites, online air travel services, cruise ships, courier and cargo, hotels and resorts, public transportation companies and car rental services. Our offshore outbound telemarketing services can help these businesses in the following manner:

Increasing Bookings and Reservations

It is eye catching to advertise online travel and transportation businesses by placing images of famous landmarks but not always profitable. Online and offline advertisements of travel and tourism companies are usually unable to increase bookings because travelers would be least bothered about visiting the website and making reservations unless they know what the company has in store for them. To tell travelers and tourists how their travel packages and deals are better than those of their competitors, travel booking sites can use outbound telemarketing campaigns. A similar strategy can be taken up by hotels and resorts, cruise ship companies, courier services and limo services etc. With marketing offshore outsourcing, cold calling will be done to target potential travelers and promote the available prices, rents, deals, packages and itineraries.

The telemarketers at Emenac Call Center Services can effectively handle this task, successfully generating leads and increasing chances of travelers coming up for bookings and reservations. If a traveler comes up for buying services, Emenac’s sales consultants can apply up-selling sales skills to increase profitability. In case of unavailability of a service asked for, these consultants can use their cross-selling skills to save a customer. This way, bookings and reservations will increase in turn, paving way for profitability charts to grow.

Retaining Customers

Through an offshore outbound contact center, travel booking sites can make welcome and feedback calls to the customers. Welcome calling is done to the travelers who have bought a service for the first time, to welcome to the business and provide assurance of complete care and assistance throughout the itinerary. Emenac’s friendly offshore agents can lead successful welcome calls, delighting the travelers and making them more comfortable with the business. In turn, a better business-customer relationship emerged and a strong customer-base is formed. Eventually, better positioning in the market is achieved. Feedback calling is done to gather feedback from the travelers and tourists regarding the airline services, itinerary, limo, tour bus or car rental experience, hotel stay and or any other service provided. Emenac Call Center Services can gather the feedback and organize it in spreadsheets to forward to the business. As per the feedback given, the online travel and transportation company can better the services to suite more to the needs of the travelers. While the services become more desirable, company goodwill will increase and customers will be retained.

A traveler who might not have returned for more bookings or reservations can be called via these offshore telemarketing services. The traveler can be reminded of the business and the services bought earlier to welcome again and enjoy the latest travel or transportation deals and packages. If Emenac Offshore Call Center Services comes to handle these reminder calls, old customers will be effectively brought back to the online travel and tourism business and customer retention will be increased effectively.

Surveying and Researching

By offshore outsourcing outbound call center services, travel booking sites or a courier company can lead customer surveys to understand the travelers’ psyche better. Market research can also be done through live b2b calling to find out the latest trends of the market. If appropriate services are not given and packages are not updated, travelers might begin turning away. This is important or else, a business would fall into jeopardy. For instance, if accommodation, dining, entertainment and shopping in certain country have become expensive and travelers are no more willing to travel there, an online travel agency still serving that country will lose customers.

Emenac’s surveyors and researchers can successfully find out the likes and dislikes of luxury travelers, facilities expected while onboard cruise ships, pricing expected for a courier express, the highest traveled countries and other such information. This information would help online travel businesses to introduce the requirements of the modern-day travelers and hence, increase chances of growing bookings and reservations. Of course, the more the offerings of an online travel agency go in accordance to the needs of travelers, the higher will be the company goodwill and more travelers will be drawn in. Hence, profitability will grow too.

Updating Customer Database

After cold calling and leading telemarketing campaigns, Emenac’s outbound call center offshore agents can find on which call, they have managed to generate leads while which prospect was completely uninterested. Accordingly, the travelers’ lists and databases will be organized so that no time is wasted in calling the wrong person and calls are made only to the right person, ensuring high positive feedback and increasing chances of bookings and reservations.

Order Confirmations and Verifications

Once a traveler has made a booking or reservation, the itinerary or service bought can be confirmed to ensure that no problems are caused later. Through an offshore outbound contact center, online travel and transport businesses can make calls to their customers to confirm the booking made for instance, flight timings, the airline company, number of rooms reserved in a hotel or products sent via courier etc.

Emenac’s offshore outbound call center services would make sure that everything in process is exactly what the customer asked for. Eventually, the right service will be provided and a good company image will be made. This will lead to increasing consumer interest in the online travel business and hence, towards increasing profitability. Call us now at +1 888.909.2207