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Welcome & Feedback Calling Services to Make Customers Feel Like They Belong

Welcome and feedback call handling services are a specialized service offered by Emenac Call Center Services that aren’t directly focused on sales and profits. Rather they are customer-oriented; which believe it or not, will help win customer’s loyalty and reduce their attrition. There is no surer way to retain customers and increase sales then to make customers feel like their opinion matters to the business and their preferences will be accommodated.

Warm Welcome & Consideration to Customer’s Feelings for Developed Brand Image

Reduced Attrition

Once we make a customer, we also make ways to make him stay

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Intertwining Accountability

We stand by our service quality because our monitoring is vigilant

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Modular & Reliable

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A Welcome Call Handling Service, Combined with a Customer’s Review Can Boost Your Sales

E-Commerce businesses are virtual entities, with welcome and feedback call handling services you can add a human touch to appeal to the customers.

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How Greeting Customers & Gaining Their Feedback Might Be Beneficial To Your Company?
How Welcome & Feedback Call Service Can Boost Customer Loyalty?

Starting Off With a Friendly Call:

Emenac Call Center Services introduced welcome call service for its clients, to greet new customers who have made their first purchase or showed interest in one. It is a formality service but not one without its perks. This formal greeting is initiated to build good will and to give a new customer a ‘tour’ of the products and services offered by the brand. We encourage our agents to smile during the calls, as it is a known fact that smiled could be heard over the phone.

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Why is it necessary?

  • The foremost benefit of a welcome call is that it makes customers feel significant and put them at ease.
  • It is also an opportunity to control how customers perceives your brand since new customers haven’t made up their minds about your business.
  • It improves the relationship between a brand and its clients. They feel a part of the brand and are happier to voice their opinion which eventually benefits the brand.
  • Welcome calls help retain customers and earning their loyalty through establishment of trust.
  • They can also be used to verify and confirm order placements.
  • Welcome calls can guide the customer’s purchase and introduce them to the features.

Asking Customers For Their Reviews:

Feedback calls are made after customer has purchased and consumed a product. As the name suggests, the main objective of feedback call handling services is to find out how a product/service fares against customer’s expectations. Thus providing the businesses with the other side of the picture. When customers use a product or service, they usually come up with suggestions that hold immense improvement and product development potential.

Why is it necessary?

Providing feedback call handling solutions can generate following benefits:


When customers are happy with a product they rave about it in their social circles and force their friends to use the same products.

Repeat Business: 

A business creates promotional deals and offer packages to entice customers into repeat buys. Handling feedback calls can help arrange the deals that pairs popular items with unpopular items to move stock on the shelves.

Competitive Advantage:

Having conducted independent review surveys will help level the prices, efficiency and product satisfaction. That’s how businesses get edge over the competition, knowing their product/service is the obvious choice.

Sales Opportunities:

Happy customers provide businesses with the best opportunity for increased sales. Feedback shows you how can put your customers in a happy state of mind.


Learning your flaws through first-hand accounts give you an opportunity to grow professionally. Making a mistake is inevitable, but how you rise from it can decide your corporate future.

Why Emenac Call Center Services’ Welcome & Feedback Services Is Best In The Market?

There is no such thing as bad publicity is a phrase that’s sadly untrue for the corporate world. Your corporate image is everything. And nobody excels at positive image projection as Emenac Call Center Services.

Emenac Call Center Services being in the service business itself for over a decade, understands the target market of almost all business ventures and how best to win them over. Our Welcome & Feedback Calling Services are known for their quality and are appreciated greatly by customers. Your company will be in better hands with Emenac Call Center Services’ experienced and flawless service provision and here is why:

Brand Development:

Emenac Call Center Services knows how to present the product and services offered by our clients in an irresistible light. We don’t over sell or under sell, we just study the product and service until we are familiar with every aspect of them. Then we present the product in its best light to the right customers.

No Seasonal Hiring Required:

With Emenac Call Center Services, you will not be needing additional seasonal hired help. Our staff is trained and prepared to readily overtake your promotional campaigns. You can avail their services as soon as within a day. Our agents can initiate calls to welcome latest customers or ask their opinions after product consumption with equal dexterity.

Astute Questionnaires:

How can you get the right insight about your service/product when you are not asking the customers right questions?  Badly prepared questions generate poor results and not to mention the risk of frustrating the customer. We research hard and make questionnaire composed of all the right questions that are straight and simple enough to seek the right response.

Productive & Polite Agents:

Our agents are hired on basis of the specified people skills that can persuade and gain customer’s trust. Once hired, our agents go through pretty extensive training classes to make them fully competent in handling more technical aspects and polish their natural skills. Our agents are professional yet polite, they build rapport and relate to customer’s problems which makes them popular in target market.

Organization & Categorization:

Feedback data and customer portfolios are useless if they are not maintained and filed correctly. With us, your firm can be rest assured that all the data received is kept in proper order for further review. Also we perform analysis on data for our clients to make suggestions for product/service enhancements.

Establish Long Lasting Customer Relationships through Flawless & Courteous Service Provision

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