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Emenac Offshore Welcome & Feedback Calls Handling For E-commerce Industry

Is the ecommerce store not being able to retain customers or keep them satisfied with the services offered or the product range? Are customers not returning to the ecommerce business after making a purchase once? Offshore outsource welcome calling service to Emenac Call Center Services and easily maintain excellent relations with the customers, comforting them with the online business and easily retaining them. By offshore outsourcing a feedback survey service to Emenac Call Center Services, online businesses can collect customers’ feedbacks and make changes accordingly, in turn growing consumer interest in the business. This would grow sales and revenues generated.

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Why an ecommerce business will need a welcome calling service and how Emenac Call Center Services can help it?

For any ecommerce website, it is highly important to make customers comfortable with the business in order to keep them satisfied with the business and retain them. There are two reasons behind this:

1. Modern day customers only stick to businesses with which, they feel comfortable and have a personal connection

2. A customer will not visit an ecommerce store again and again for shopping until and unless the trust it because giving personal information online for shopping, such as credit card details and security numbers is not a good idea. Owing to increased cases of hacking and cybercrime, trust needs to be developed

A good way to achieve trust and develop a personal relation with customers, for stores online, is to call them up after the first sale, or maybe repeated sales too, if needed and welcome them to the business. These calls work to delight the customers and they being feeling more comfortable with the business.

Emenac Call Center Services can help an ecommerce website with customer welcome calls and use their expertise to retain customers, forming a strong customer-base effectively. Our friendly offshore agents well know the skill and tactics of talking to each new customer and can bring amazing results to any ecommerce store. Some of the benefits that Emenac Call Center Services can provide to its client online businesses through welcome calling include:

1. Using a light and friendly tone, with a specially designed speech, so as to keep the conversation more caring, friendly and comforting than robotic

2. Welcoming the customers to the business and telling more about other products and/or services that they could buy to generate leads and increase sales

3. Asking customers whether or not they are happy with the ecommerce store and that they will be given complete assistance and will be cared for in times of need

4. Assisting customers facing problems so as to ensure high customer satisfaction

This way, a welcome call service from Emenac Call Center Services can help online shopping sites with a strong and large customer-base. As customer retention increases, company image betters and positioning amongst the minds of customers improves.

Why an ecommerce business would need feedback calling service and how “Emenac Call Center Services” can help it?

Leading customer feedback surveys can be helpful for stores online so that they are able to find the current trends amongst people, mentality and nature of their customers and their likings. This way, they will be able to better their products or services and change them as per the needs of the customers. Eventually, customers will turn out happier with the online business and sales will grow. Some of them major benefits that a customer feedback can give to an ecommerce store are:

1. Making customers happier with the online business and retain them

2. Increased customer retention will grow company goodwill and this will help in spreading a good image. A good image, once made and spread will lead towards a good positioning of the ecommerce store amongst the minds of people and draw more customers

3. In turn, sales will see a marked growth and profitability will increase

“Emenac Call Center Services” can help stores online in leading a client satisfaction survey so that the ecommerce website can make improvements wherever needed. The customers might be having problems with website interface that makes searching and moving back and forth to different pages difficult. There could be problems with loading pages quickly and maybe, the website would need to be coded in a lighter way. The problems with products or services on offer could be highly possible and if there is such an issue, products or services will need to be bettered. Otherwise, the customers will move to alternative shopping sites. Eventually, customers will be lost to competitor businesses.

This can be avoided by offshore outsourcing a feedback survey service to Emenac Call Center Services. Our offshore agents will:

1. Call each customer and enquire about the experience with the ecommerce store as part of improving customer experience

2. Help customers in need and handle angry customers tactfully so as to avoid losing customers and satiate their needs as soon as possible to ensure high customer satisfaction

3. Work towards providing first call resolution and for larger issues, forward the problems to the concerned departments so that they can review the problems as soon as possible and resolve them

4. Collect all the feedback collected and forward it to the concerned authorities so that they can make changes accordingly

As changes are made and customers are satisfied, customer retention grows and so does company goodwill. With this, more customers get attracted to the ecommerce store growing sales and profitability.

All stores online looking to get these benefits can offshore outsource welcome and feedback call service to “Emenac Call Center Services”. In order to do so, call us right now at +1.888.909.2207.