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Emenac Offshore Welcome & Feedback Calls Handling For Online Apparel Stores

Looking forward to creating a better relationship with the customers, giving them a sense of personalization with the online apparel store? Get in touch with Emenac Call Center Services and get offshore welcome calling service as well as customer service feedback in place and get closer to the customers, ensuring satisfaction all times.

Offshore outsourcing services for customer welcoming and feedback calling will help apparel businesses strengthen ties with the customers by welcoming them in a cheerful voice. If the welcomed buyer is a lead, the cheerful attitude and welcoming can delight him to make purchase. Feedback calling on the other had would help apparel businesses better their services and satisfy angry customers. Altogether, the welcome and feedback calling system will result in a better company image and hence, a better positioning in the market. This in turn would make up for increased customer loyalty and growing sales.

Why online apparel stores would need to have an offshore welcome calling service?

For any online apparel showroom, welcome calling is essential as it would help create a stronger relationship with the customers. Offshore welcome calls include welcoming the customer to the business after the first purchase made and also ensuring the customer about assistance in times of need. An offer for any assistance needed at the time, is also made.

Hence, customers are delighted and a good company image is made. Through welcome calling, apparel manufacturers and retailers can lead product advocacy to introduce the bought apparel or apparel accessories to the customer and encourage on coming back for more. There could be ideas on quality, style and usage of the fashion apparel about which the customer can be told. This service would set the apparel business apart from its competitors, create a good company image in the minds of the customers, position the website better and ensure customer retention.

Why an online apparel showroom would need to collect customer feedback telephonically?

Measuring customer satisfaction is highly important. This can be gained through offshore feedback calling and would ensure customer retention and high company goodwill. The customer feedback survey should include asking the customer for any sort of help needed and in case it is, assistance must be given right there. It is highly possible that after having bought certain apparel piece, the customer faces issues with size or measurement, color, late shipment or anything else. For instance, in place of small size, plus size apparel might have been delivered. Assisting the customers with such issues and getting things right is highly important in order to retain the customer. Through a survey call, customers who might have not returned to the website ever since can also be reminded of it and invited again to come and shop. This also adds to strategies that work to retain customers.

A client satisfaction survey can also be used to find out what the customers are exactly looking for. Accordingly, the apparel rage can be bettered or accessories, shoes, clothing and jewelry can be introduced that were previously not available. Any designs that the customers show interest in can also be brought in and customized clothing can be offered. This would make the product line more interesting for the buyers and hence, sales will increase.

How Emenac Call Center Services can help an online apparel stores by offshore welcome and feedback calls?

By leading a welcome call or a customer feedback calls, an apparel business can find out the needs of its customers. This way, more suitable products can be introduced and any problems identified, can be solved. Eventually, things will begin turning out better for the apparel business. Some of the benefits that Emenac offshore call center services can provide to its clients selling apparel online are:

• For people who have signed up with the apparel website, our offshore call center agents make welcome calls to welcome the potential buyer to purchase apparel and apparel accessories. They also give knowledge about women apparel, men apparel, kids apparel, college apparel, sports apparel or related product range for that matter

• For customers who have already brought apparel or an apparel accessory, Emenac’s call center offshore agents make welcome calls to give a sense of personalized service and hence, trust and satisfaction. The call may include giving tips about usage or introducing promotions or offers

• We provide assistance if needed such as changing the size or color of the dress and providing complete satisfaction

• Emenac’s offshore agents are trained highly in the knowledge on entire product range from men shoes to diamond jewelry so that they can provide information and help in the best possible manner

• Our offshore agents gather and organize feedback in proper manner and forward it to the concerned authorities so that they can easily check it and work on it to make improvements. In case of negative feedback, our agents work to create a good image of the company by skillfully ensuring that all negativities will soon be reported and eliminated

• We have offshore friendly agents capable of handling angry customers and ensuring that they get satisfactory answers regarding the bought apparel and hence, retaining customers through skilful customer service management

• Late deliveries or delivery of wrong items are reported to the apparel website authorities as soon as possible to get resolved in time

• Emenac Call Center offers 24/7 offshore service to meet all time zones for apparel businesses working globally

All sorts of online apparel businesses can contact us at +1.888.909.2207 at any time and our business development team will be there to entertain them. Shortly thereafter, a project will be planned and services will begin.