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Emenac Offshore Welcome & Feedback Calls Handling For Beauty & Care Websites

Are you seeking to strengthen bonds with your customers, and giving them a feeling of belonging with the online beauty supplies store? Need to ensure customer satisfaction and provide personal care products and services that the customers really want? Get in touch with Emenac Call Center Services and get two services that will wow your customers; an offshore welcome calling service as well as customer service feedback calling service, allowing the beauty and personal care enterprise to come closer to customers, making the buyer-seller relationship much more friendly and satisfactory.

If a buyer is welcomed to the business in a friendly manner, given more details about personal care product or service bought, a sense of personal belonging and trust can be created. Simultaneously, feedback calling will help beauty and personal care businesses better their services and satisfy aggrieved customers. Altogether, an offshore welcome and feedback calling system will result in a better company image and hence a better positioning in the market. This would in turn result in greater customer loyalty and satisfaction, and growing sales and increasing margins.

Why online beauty stores would need to have an offshore welcome calling service?

Welcome calling would include welcoming the customer to the business after the first purchase made of a beauty product or a personal care salon service and also assuring the customer about assistance in times of need. Most customers find this to be an extra step on part of the retailer that they come to appreciate a lot. Also, this one step is the difference maker against the competitors in this highly competitive beauty and personal care online space. For any online cosmetic care retailer, a welcome calling system is essential, as it would strengthen the bonds between the customer and the personal care business.

Through welcome calling, online beauty product suppliers and retailers can lead product advocacy to introduce the bought beauty item or cosmetic product to the customer and encourage the said customer on coming back for more. There could be information and news on the quality, style and usage of the makeup item about which the customer can be updated. Also, information regarding the expiry dates or usage of a skin care product may be told. This service will set a beauty and personal care online outlet apart from its competitors, create a good company image in the minds of the customers, position the website better and ensure customer retention.

Why an online beauty and personal care outlet will need to collect customer feedback telephonically?

It is highly possible that after having bought certain beauty items, the customer discovers issues with such as color, material or brand, late shipment or anything else. For instance, in place of an anti-dandruff shampoo, the customer may have received an all hair type shampoo. For beauty salons, tattoo artists and spas, feedback calls can enquire about the experience. Any efficient and good customer feedback survey should also ask the customer for any sort of help that they would like to see to ease their end of the transaction, and all such help should be extended posthaste. Assisting customers with such issues and setting such mistakes right is highly important in order to retain the customer. Hence, feedback calling and would ensure customer retention and high company goodwill.

Through a survey call, customers who might have not returned to the website ever since making their first purchases of skin care or cosmetic items can also be reminded of all they are missing out on and encouraged to return to the online beauty retailer and shop. Beauty and personal care businesses offering services offline can also lead surveys to bring back long lost customers. This also adds to strategies that work to retain customers. A client satisfaction survey can also be utilized to find out what exactly customers are looking for. Accordingly, an online beauty retailer can make the appropriate changes such as bettering shipping routes and charges, expanding accessory lines, improve a website layout etc. Offline beauty service providers can better their service ranges or make the pricing more suitable for facials, tattooing, massages etc. This in turn, will lead to increased chances of making sales.

How Emenac Call Center Services can help an online beauty store increase customer loyalty by offshore welcome calling and customer feedback calls?

By leading an offshore welcome call or a customer feedback calls, an online retailer can discover the needs and wants of its customers. Using such a technique, a better line of products can be offered and any problems that are identified can be timely addressed. Inevitably, things will take a turn for the better for online beauty retailers. Some of the benefits that Emenac Call Center Services can provide to its clients selling personal care products online are:

• For people who have signed up with and are making purchases on the online beauty store, our offshore call center agents make welcome calls to greet and welcome the buyer to the business. They also provide more information regarding the bought personal care item and explain its correct usage whilst ensuring provision of assistance when needed

• Emenac’s offshore agents are highly knowledgeable regarding personal care and grooming. Hence, through welcome calling, they are able to provide adequate and satisfactory information and help consumers about the salon supplies or service bought

• Emenac’s offshore call center agents make welcome calls to give a sense of belonging and a personalized service. This gives a boost to trust between the buyer and seller of personal care products and services and increases customer satisfaction

• We provide assistance if needed with regards to addressing any grievance for example delivery of wrong cosmetic item, delivery of wrong-sized container of a cosmetic or personal care item, late delivery etc. The complaint is forwarded to the concerned authorities to be addressed as soon as possible

• Through feedback calls, our offshore agents gather and organize feedback in a proper organized manner and forward it to the authorities concerned so that they can easily check it and work on any improvements to be made. In case of negative feedback, our agents work to create a good image of the beauty and care company by skillfully ensuring that all negative points are reported and addressed

• In case of a problem at the business’s end, our offshore agents make feedback calls to the customers of online beauty product retailers as well as offline service providers, explaining them the details and ensuring them that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. This makes up for a good company image and keeps the customers’ anger addressed

• We have friendly and professional offshore agents capable of handling aggrieved customers by making feedback calls and ensuring that their problems with cosmetics and personal care items or services will be dealt with. Every effort is expended to ensure that the problems of the customers are addressed and they are retained through our skillful customer service management

• Survey calling is conducted by Emenac Call Center Services to learn about the latest trends of the market and find out about the requirements of the customers. The business is sent all the reports so that changes can be made in the services or products for the better and improve sales

All sorts of online retail businesses can contact us at +1 888.909.2207 at any time of the day or week and our offshore business development team will be there to communicate with them and assist them in whatever way is required.