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Emenac Offshore Welcome & Feedback Calls Handling For Travel & Transportation Websites

Today, what matters to travelers is comfort and trust provided by the online travel service. Is this what your business seems to be lacking because of which customer retention is low? In order to form a strong bond with the travelers and increase customer retention, try Emenac’s Call Center offshore customer feedback and welcome calling service.

By offshore outsoucicing the welcome and feedback calling service to Emenac Call Center Services, online travel and transportation businesses will be able to make calls to first-time travelers to welcome to the business and assure about complete assistance and help. This is true not just for online travel and tour service providers but also courier services. Emenac Call Center Services can also make post-booking feedback calls to enquire about the experience and bring about any changes required. This would make up for good relations with the customers and increasing customer retention.

Emenac offers offshore feedback and welcome calling service to:

• Online Travel Agencies and Travel Booking Sites        • Air Travel Services

• Cruise Ships                                                         • Courier and Cargo

• Hotels and Resorts                                                • Public Transportation Companies

• Car Rental Services

Why online travel and transportation businesses need a welcome call service and how Emenac Call Center Services can help them?

An online travel and transportation business would need to do welcome calling in order to maintain healthy relations with travelers and tourists. Once a booking or a reservation has been made, representatives on behalf of the business can make a call to the customers to welcome them to the business and provide assurance of assistance in times of need as well as care all throughout the journey. A courier express service can also make this call to welcome its customers. This phone call can work wonders in delighting the traveler and making up for a trustworthy image of the company.

Emenac offshore call center services can provide travel and transportation businesses with a welcome calling service through its offshore friendly call center agents. These agents can welcome the travelers in the best possible manner and make and enquiry for any type of assistance needed or the need to bring about any change in the plan. Through this call, our agents would also assure the traveler of complete care all throughout the trip and availability whenever the traveler might need to contact the business. In turn, a highly comforting, friendly and trustworthy mage of the business will be formed, making up for a strong customer-base. With a loyal clientele, customer retention will be high and more travelers will be encouraged to make bookings and reservations with the business.

Why travel booking sites need to make customer feedback calls and how Emenac offshore Call Center Services can help them do it better?

Collecting customer satisfaction feedback is highly important for an online travel and transportation business. During travel, people would least want any sort of uneasiness or problem such as sudden flight cancellations, change in routes, uncomfortable hotel rooms or a boring cruise ship voyage. Hence, it is quite essential that a travel and transportation business makes customer feedback calls and asks travelers about their experiences. These calls can be made during the trip and any areas with issues must be corrected as soon as possible so that the traveler is left humbled. Online courier service providers can also make feedback calls to ask if the delivery was on time and if the right item was sent etc. With Emenac Call Center Services, online travel and tour operators can offer their customers guidance to get rid of any problems and complete assistance wherever possible. This way, good relation with the customers is formed a good image of the company is spread. In turn, more travelers will be attracted to the business and profitability will grow.

A telephonic customer satisfaction survey can also be done after the trip to enquire about the travelers’ experiences. These surveys can be used to better the services provided so that they are more in accordance to the needs of modern-day travelers and hence, bookings and reservations are high. For instance, any hotel not liked by the travelers can be removed from all the packages and replaced by another one or maybe an airline service most asked for can also be included. Emenac Call Center Services survey callers can collect all the feedback and organize it in spreadsheets to forward it to the concerned travel and transportation business. Once reviewed, chances can be made and more travelers attracted to join the business.

Emenac offshore call center services can also make customer survey calls to travelers who might have traveled with the online travel company and have not returned ever since. A reminder call can be given to such travelers and enquired about the experiences. Once the feedback has been collected, our offshore agents would assure the traveler of excellent services, inform them of any changes made and welcome to travel with that company again. This way, high customer retention will be ensured and a loyal customer-base will be formed.

All online travel and transportation businesses looking to form a good relationship with the customers and form a loyal customer-base need to have an offshore feedback and welcome call service in place. Emenac Call Center Services can be called at any time at +1888.909.2207 and our business development team will be available to help.