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Being Multichannel Contact Center “Emenac” Offers Variety of Features to Support Customers

“Emenac Call Center Services” offers you most appropriate, quick, and expedient replying and support services for emails queries, live chat messages and social media enquires along with email marketing services to guide customers at every touch point. Here you can choose our non-voice support services for most convenient and fast communication with better customer engagement rate. Non Voice Support services are developed to make your online visitors stay engaged for long and connect to message.

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Quick Email Reply, Web-Chat and Social Media Response to Decrease Average Wait Time
Live chat support services
  • 24/7 online webchat support
  • Mobile-Optimized Chat Support
  • Single & Multiline Support
  • Live Chat Monitoring
  • 85WPM Text Entry

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Email Support & Marketing
  • Email Support On 24/7 Basis
  • Pertinent & Précised Email Reply
  • Quick Email Support Services
  • Order Handling And Follow-Up Emails
  • Post/Pre-Sale Email Support

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Social Media Support Services
  • 25% incremental sales rate
  • Lead generation
  • Product positioning
  • Customer retention
  • Retargeting campaign

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Quick Email Reply, Web-Chat and Social Media Response to Decrease Average Wait Time

Non-Voice or web-enabled support services normally considered as the best fit for online businesses because “the web” is the common medium to support customers in all of these support services, ECCS offers dedicated and proactive support agents to monitor all of your web-based communication channels like live chat, email and social media platforms. If you deal in an online business, then you must be familiar with the fact that website, chat/live chat is more customer driven than others, as more than 70% of customers visit online stores and love to interact via the web, specially live chat with instant welcome message from a real representative, So we offer non voice customer support services to fulfill your web-based customer support needs with email marketing facilities.

Being in online shopping era, presence of every brand on social media channels is important as we all are leveraging social media to expand our customer base by developing direct relationship. ECCS team believes that Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit etc. are here to stay forever and they are going to be the biggest stake in the success or failure of any business. Our social media specialists are masters in the art of social media engagement and all set to ramp-up brand’s visibility on these channels with most active chat support services.

According to the business trend study, every 2nd purchase that initiated in the last 4 years has been done through the customer interaction that started from live chat/website chat or email. By engaging our customer support agents, live-chat reps and email supporters you will be assured that every inquiry of yours is handled carefully and answered accurately. But at ECCS, every communication done from all non-voice channels will be filtered through a stringent quality control process to ensure communiqué quality and better customer experience with our precise and accurate non-voice customer support services.