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Emenac Offshore Email Customer Service For E-commerce Industry

Are the customers of the ecommerce store returning unhappy owing to a communication gap due to shortage of time or other unforeseen reasons? Get email support services from Emenac Call Center Services and allow customers to contact at any time convenient to them and also check the email whenever and wherever they like. With proficient pre-sale and post-sale support of the offshore agents at Emenac Call Center Services, an ecommerce business will see increased customer satisfaction and high customer retention.

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Why an ecommerce business needs email support services and how Emenac Call Center Services can help it?

Emenac Call Center Services offers offshore email support services for technical as well as non-technical products and services to ecommerce businesses of all kinds. It offers numerous benefits to the customers of its clients. Some of the ways in which customers of stores online will benefit from these email support services include:

Pre-Purchase Support

Many a time, customers of an ecommerce business might not be able to call an online business from which they might be interested in buying anything. Without making a contact any way, however, the customer will not buy anything. In times when the customer will not be able to call such as working hours, lack of availability of phone in certain place or less balance, they will prefer emailing. There are several reasons for this, some of which include:

1. The potential customer might not be able to trust an ecommerce business until and unless he or she has talked to someone on behalf of that business and made sure that the online business is a reliable business. Since credit card information has to be shared and money is spent, trust has to be made or else, the customer will be lost.

2. The potential buyer might not get satisfactory answers to the questions and queries in mind and therefore, might just remain confused in terms of the products and services available on the website. This way, the customer will move on to one of the many other online shipping sites and a potential buyer will be lost to the competitors.

Potential customers might have a lot of confusions to be cleared away apart from gaining trust of the website. Some of the questions that can possibly occur could be the availability of a product or service or if the business does facilitate home delivery or maybe even the allowed payment methods.

These post-purchase emails filled with questions have to be answered in order to save customers and generate consumer interest. If the company’s employees and management are too busy to handle it all, they can offshore outsource the task to Emenac Call Center Services and our agents will check and reply to emails proficiently. We can handle the task even for 24/7 and make up for improving customer experience in terms of communication. Thus, higher company goodwill will be gained and higher leads will be generated.

Post-Purchase Support

An ecommerce website has to help its customers even after they have made purchases of the products or services offered for sale. This is essential because post-purchase assistance is what ensures high customer satisfaction and customer retention. If the customers buy products and services from stores online but do not return satisfied, the online business will face many issues some of which are:

1. Customers talking bad about a business, spreading bad image and discouraging other customers to join it too. Eventually, sales will fall and so will the company positioning

2. If customers are not retained, it means that the company is only known to be one that is interested in making sales and earning money and not concerned with customers’ happiness. Modern-day customers do not look up to businesses that do not have a caring image and create a personal relation. Eventually, customers will be lost to competitors

To avoid all of this, 24/7 email support service can be offshore outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services. The service can also be outsourced for any other span of time, if necessary. In many times, customers will not be able to call and will then prefer, emailing. There might be issues with lack of availability of telephone service for instance, a customer from a not-so-luxury hotel room might be wishing to complain about a shirt or maybe a mobile phone bought online. There could also be issues such as bad telephone service or language barrier where the customer might be better able to write than fluently speak English to explain the issue.

To meet such requirements of the customers, email support services have to be offered to the customers so that another option of communication can be offered and customer experience can be improved. The benefits that Emenac offshore Call Center Services can offer are that:

1. Customers will be heard and their problems will be resolved as soon as possible leading to increased customer satisfaction. This satisfaction will eventually lead to growing customer retention

2. With email support given for e-shopping services, company goodwill will increase as the business will be seen so immensely careful about its customers. Good relations will develop with existing customers and hence, more customers will be encouraged to join the business

3. With good image formed, the online shopping sites using email support services will gain a good positioning amongst the minds of potential buyers as well as existing customers and a good share will be gained in the market

This way, sales charts will be seen rising at a good pace and the inflow of profits will be great indeed.

Effective Communication

Email response service, along with helping the customers with presale and post-sale services, also helps the corporate clients get in touch easily. Since these clients might be very busy and may not wish to indulge into long conversations over the phone, wait in queues and request to get connected to certain extensions, they will often be encouraged to email instead of calling. The customers in need, too, will be able to communicate whenever convenient to them without taking notice of the time. They will be able to read the emails whenever easy through smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops.

Also, for online shopping sites working globally, many customers may avoid calling to keep away from long-distance charges, offshore email support services can be of great use. They work effectively in maintaining a strong and loyal customer-base and hence, ensuring a safe future.

Any ecommerce business looking forward to make use of the offshore email response support from Emenac Call Center Services, can call us right away at +1 888.909.2207.