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Emenac Offshore Email Customer Service For Transportation, Travel & Tourism Related Websites

Looking for email based customer care services for the travel booking site to keep travelers away from limitation of time and allowing contact whenever it is convenient to them? Get Emenac’s offshore email customer service and allow travelers to receive care just whenever they need it.

By offshore outsourcing email support services to Emenac Call Center Services, online travel and courier service providers can ensure an improving customer experience as complete guidance care is given before and after bookings. Clients’ emails are also taken good care of and hence, good relationships are maintained with the travelers and business partners. As a result, company positioning betters and a strong customer-base is formed

Why travel booking sites need to have offshore email support services and how Emenac Call Center Services can help them with the service?

Online travel agencies as well as travel booking sites related to air travel services, cruise ships, courier and cargo, hotels and resorts, public transportation companies and car rental services are served by Emenac offshore Call Center Services. Email customer service will provide these online businesses will the following benefits:

Pre-Booking Consultancy

Before making a booking or reservations with airlines, cruise ships, hotels, charter bus companies, train transportation or any other online travel and tour operator, travelers may have several questions in mind. Unless these questions are answered and queries cleared, the traveler will not make a reservation. Many travelers and customers might prefer emailing as it sounds more convenient. For instance, a person at work might not get time or chance to make a call and this is where, the mode of emailing will be useful. limit Similarly, a traveler visiting the travel booking website after business hours will email as at that time, there will probably be no one to take up calls.

The questions could be about the comfort of the train or airplane seats, types of hotel rooms and their availability, routes of cruise ships and even rent of a limo bus. Similarly, before sending in an item via courier, customers may wish to know about the prices of packages and the maximum weight of which, items can be sent. These questions will have to be answered or else, a potential buyer may be left confused, eventually turned to a competitor business.

With Emenac’s offshore email response service in place, no customer or traveler will be left unanswered and our team will make sure that each email is answered to the fullest of satisfaction. Also, service and product advocacy will be led such that the reader finds interest in travel packages and services and is convinced on making a booing or a reservation. Adding convenience to the lives of travelers whilst providing them with complete customer care will enhance company goodwill and increase the chances of clientele growing larger.

Post-Booking Customer Care

After having made a booking, a customer or a traveler may realize a few issues and want them addressed. Again, there could be many reasons why they are not able to make a call and of course, emailing would the option left. Since emails can be done and checked easily and at any time through smart phones and tablets, this mode of communication is largely used. Post-booking queries may relate to conformation of an item sent through courier or time of delivery etc. The queries could also be about a sudden need to change the itinerary, cancel the flight, confirm flight timings or even complain about lacking in-flight services or a tiresome itinerary.

Such issues need to be reviewed in depth and detail and addressed as soon as possible because if the travelers and customers associate an online travel and transportation business with bad experiences, a bad reputation will be formed. Eventually, not only customers will be lost but also newer ones will be hesitant from joining.

In order to ensure high customer retention and maintain a good relationship with the travelers, Emenac’s offshore email response service will be of great use to travel booking sites. Our email support tem will address all problems as soon as possible and forward bigger issues to the concerned departments so that they can be resolved too. This way, travelers will return happy and spread a good image of the business. Eventually, more travelers will flow in, growing bookings and reservations and increasing profitability. To monitor issues at all times and assure the customers of assistance to retain them, Emenac offshore call center services can also provide a 24/7 email support service.

Effective Communication with the Clients

Business partners and clients of travel booking sites may also send emails is they would not have time to engage into long conversations over the phone. Their emails could be about introducing latest packages, removing any package owing to maybe closing down of a hotel or halting of an airline service, reducing or increasing flight fares or maybe even the need to advertise newly launched courier express. Such emails too need to be constantly checked and kept an eye on as the information, demands and news coming in from the client cannot be missed. If these emails are missed, the online travel and transportation business may fall into jeopardy. The website would not be updated and visitors would be misguided, leaving them angered.

“Emenac Call Center Services” can help these online travel and courier businesses answer customer queries at all times via email. This would maintain a good contact with the clients, keeping the business up to date with the latest ongoing of the travel and transportation industry and hence, keeping the online travel site perfectly updated. Eventually, not just the customers will be given right service but also clients will find the business efficient and professional and good relations will be formed within the business world. The services provided would be good and more travelers will be drawn in. this would lead to higher profitability and a good postponing in the market.

To offshore outsource email customer service for guiding travelers, please call us at +1.888.909.2207