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Emenac Offshore Live Chat Support For Online Apparel Stores

Is the advertisement done for the apparel website not paying back and visitors to the website are not calling up to place orders? Come to Emenac Call Center Services and seek help. Emenac call canter services offshore live chat help desk will deal with potential buyers as they browse through the apparel website, inviting them to live support chat successfully converting leads into sales to increase profitability.

Offshore live chat support services work wonders for online apparel businesses because while shopping apparel, a lot of queries need to be answered. These could be regarding, colors, styles, sizes, prices and many other factors. To assist the potential buyers through all these questions whilst helping them to be able to use the website better and applying successful sales strategies to convince them to make purchases. This way leads are generated and in turn, profits grow at a good pace.

Why online apparel stores need offshore live chat customer support?

For an online apparel showroom, offshore live chat services become largely essential because modern day customers require a rather personalized shopping experience, one that they can feel satisfied. An offshore live chat help desk would provide the visitors of the website with an experience of shopping in a mall or a market with assistance of the salespersons and with products like, apparel and apparel accessories, help is constantly needed. For apparel websites, these services are needed before, during as well as after the sale. Some of the reasons why customers would need live assistance include:

Generating Newer Leads

While an online apparel showroom may invest largely in advertising and promotion, it is essential to get good return on investment (ROI) to ensure good profitability. Visitors may end up browsing through the apparel website having looked at it in a commercial, Google AdWords, AdSense, SEO or any other kind of advertisement. Once they have landed on the website, it is important to ensure that they at least find interest in the apparel range even if not buying anything immediately. For that matter, it is important to have offshore live website chat support so that the visitors can be invited to interact with someone on behalf of the business, get their queries answered, have confusions cleared and introduced to the product range. Otherwise, converting traffic into sales would not be easy enough. With live chat support in place, the visitors would turn out interested in the apparel range and at any time, would return to make purchase.

Offshore live chat support can be given to the visitors by websites selling online shoes, clothing and jewelry to answer general FAQs, guide about the product line and assist in using the website properly. While shopping for gold or silver jewelry, fashion apparel or apparel accessories, visitors of the website do need help with certain queries before making purchase. These queries could be about availability of certain color, the right size, ways to order and make payment and coupons etc. Oftentimes, visitors are not able to use the website properly and hence, not able to navigate through the product range properly or place orders. In such times, they need assistance and with customer care given, leads are generated and even a sale can be closed right there.

Today, online apparel stores are often working globally. Many times, visitors to the website of the apparel showroom do not make a call owing to language barriers as they may not be fluent with speaking English language. The translation feature of offshore live chat support enables speakers of all languages to converse easily to the live chat team and find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. This interaction in turn, enhances company image globally, enlarges international clientele and increases company goodwill. Eventually, leads are generated.

With a well thought out marketing tool used to generate consumer interest into the apparel line and generate leads, offshore live chat services can also be used to lead analyses comparing the number of visitors seen on the website and the number of generated leads. This helps in bettering marketing techniques if needed or further enhancing marketing strategies to further increase apparel sales.

Increasing Sales

In many cases, the visitors to a website are not willing to place orders themselves and require someone to come to their assistance on behalf of the apparel ecommerce website. If they do not find anyone to help, they may simply switch to an alternative online apparel showroom. Therefore, online apparel businesses must arrange offshore live chat agents so that the potential buyers can be assisted and sales can be made, keeping them from being lost to competitors. Easily, leads can be converted into sales.

While a visitor is enquiring about apparel accessories as per the need, offshore live chat operators can lead product advocacy to convince them on buying certain product to fulfill the need. Even if the product asked for is not available, an alternative piece can be cross-sold to save a sale. If cross-selling is not practiced, sales can be easily lost to other online apparel stores. Once a customer agrees on buying certain clothing, shoes or jewelry, another apparel piece can be up-sold with a discount given or an impressive offer made to increase the revenue. While purchasing apparel, customers often hesitate giving out credit card details on the websites since they never know if the business is a scam or not. In order to build a rather personalized relationship with the customer and gains trust, live chat services can be helpful. This way, sales can be made easier and grown drastically and profitability can be increased.

Retaining Customers

After making a purchase, customers may still need customer care. This may relate to order conformations, problems such as delivery of wrong products such as plus size apparel delivered in place of small or medium size or a wrong color delivered of the apparel. To assist unsatisfied customers with such issues and answer their post-purchase FAQs is highly essential. Otherwise, they may return unsatisfied and may not return to the same apparel website. In order to retain customers thus, live chat customer service becomes highly important.

How Emenac Call Center Services can help online apparel manufacturers and retailers with an offshore live chat support service?

From gold jewelry to diamond jewelry, from college apparel to sports apparel and from men shoes to women apparel, Emenac Call Center Services can proficiently deal in all sorts of apparel and apparel accessories. Some of the benefits that it can provide to online apparel stores are:

• Best advices given on taking measurements and sizes so that the best apparel or apparel accessories can be brought to the interested buyers.

• Offshore agents are efficient in giving rebuttals and leading effective product advocacy and hence, deal effectively with angry customers having issues with apparel or apparel accessories

• Tips and consultancy given regarding dressing for a season or an occasion to assist buyers improving customer experience and applying sales techniques

• Offshore live chat operators aptly knowledgeable about fashion apparel and accessories, thus being able to handle all sorts of customer queries and problems

• Apparel businesses looking for wholesale apparel dealt with proficiently and the best price agreed upon so as to create a good relationship within the business world as well as make up for good profitability

• Web interface and high-end technology integrated into the chat applet in order to help customers browse through the clothing range and find solutions to problems or answers to questions easily. Chat transfers made to the right department to help people find best solutions to their issues

• Visitors invited to chat within one minute of landing onto the website and introduced with the best features of the apparel website and it products range

• Handling of more than one visitor at the same time, thus ensuring that no visitor remains unattended. In turn, this would ease lead generation and increase sales

• High typing speeds combined with minimum threshold time taken to deal with each customer, result in least possible waiting times for the visitors willing to chat

• 24/7 live chat support offshore services in order to provide potential buyers and customers with assistance at any time they log into the website

All these benefits are just a phone call away. Online apparel stores interested in beginning with Emenac Call Center Services can call us right away at +1.888.909.2207 and we will be at their service. The best package will be planned as per the business’s needs and within no time, services will begin.