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Emenac Offshore Live Chat Support For Home & Office Decor Websites

Does your online home and office décor enterprise lack that perfect communication system which allows for 24/7 support to those looking up your products on the web? Need a system for online décor store that immediately addresses all during-purchase or post-purchase queries regarding home and office décor? If so, then Emenac Call Center Services has the best customized offshore live chat support system for you.

An offshore live chat support service can be used by home décor and interior websites to invite website visitors for a conversation and assist them to shop better by successfully generating leads. Once a customer is held for shopping, complete during-purchase assistance is given. After a purchase, the customers are assisted with all occurring issues. Eventually, not just sales increase but Emenac’s offshore live chat support service also makes up for a good company image and increased company goodwill. A strong customer base is ensured and customer retention is high.

Why online home and office décor stores need to have a live chat support system?

A recent study found that many online consumers want help from an offshore live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. Through offshore live chat support, online sellers of home and office equipment and décor services can gain the following benefits:

Generating Leads

Many a time customers looking for a variety of home and office décor products, such as kitchen appliances, cooling and heating systems, furniture, office equipment, bedding sets or bathroom sanitary appliances, have questions prior to making a choice. Queries in regards to colors, pricing, materials and quality may arise. In such circumstances, a home appliances retailer or office equipment supplier can lose several customers when their queries and issues are left unaddressed. This is especially true and even more damaging when it comes to b2b relations in this industry.

Presence of offshore live chat support services can initiate conversations and allow interested buyers ask questions and have confusions cleared away as they browse. Product advocacy can be led and leads can be generated by the live offshore chat agents. Even if a website visitor does not make purchase immediately, chances are that the visitor will return anytime.

Increasing Sales

Customers looking for products such as kitchen appliances or bathroom accessories need someone who can immediately help them if they become confused or have a question that needs to be answered. The question most asked when it came to kitchen appliances was about warrantee details, while for cooling and heating systems for homes was about service terms. Offshore live chat helps answer all such issues and eliminate bounces-away from home décor retail websites and ensure that full shopping carts make it through check out. In turn, profitability grows.

Many a time customers are unable to use the website properly and place orders. Customers and especially businesses looking to engage with an office décor retailer are strapped for time and do not hesitate in moving to another supplier if any hurdles they face in purchasing office supplies go unaddressed. In such times it is ideal to have an offshore live chat support system in place, one that can immediately hear out all such issues and effectively address them, thereby securing the sale.

Retaining Customers

If customers face any issues regarding home appliances or décor items or services bought, they may log onto the website and start up a chat to seek assistance. These issues could be in regards to broken leg of a sofa or maybe jumbled up wind chimes. In many cases, customers may wish to stick to the computer as calling might not always be possible. Also, with chatting, wait times are often less for and allow customer to multi-task while waiting for answers.

Hence, assistance is provided easily and customers are left with a good impression of the home décor business. What results is high customer retention and a stronger customer-base.

How Emenac Call Center Services will help home and office décor retailers with offshore online live chat support?

• Chat initiated to engage the website visitor into a conversation, enquire about the needs, budget, space that needs to be refurbished and choice of colors and materials. Accordingly, the visitor is led to the right page with products of choice so that the visitor can find what they need

• Product advocacy is led décor services are explained such that the website visitors find interest in them. With consumer interest generated, leads are generated and chances for sales are grown

• A canned response is given for all frequently asked questions through the offshore live support services. Emenac prepares a specialized list of pre-composed responses that home and office décor retailers can use when needed. This saves them the time and effort of typing the same response over and over, or repeatedly suffering at the hands of the same issues.

• During-purchase assistance given in regards to all questions and queries such as delivery timings, means of delivery for large furniture items such as beds and sofas and available discounts etc.

• Any post-purchase issues that may arise are also dealt with complete professionalism. These could be problems such as wrong furniture delivered or wrong colors of décor items sent etc. Angry customers are efficiently handled and assurance of assistance is given ensuring high customer retention

Enjoying the benefits listed above and those that go without saying is not that difficult. All that is needed is one phone call. Contact Emenac Call Center Services at +1.888.909.2207 and before you know it you will have one of the best, if not the best team of live chat agents working round the clock for your satisfaction.