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Emenac Offshore Live Chat Support For Transportation, Travel & Tourism Related Websites

In this highly competitive travel and transportation industry, is it becoming to increase bookings and reservations and retain customers effectively? Offshore live chat service from Emenac Call Center Services can be of great help in not just drawing travelers and tourists towards the travel and transportation services but also maintain good relations with them.

Offshore outsourcing live chat customer service to Emenac Call Center Services will provide travel booking sites and courier express websites increase consumer interest by targeting website visitors and ensuring high conversion ratio. Whilst working to improve bookings and reservations, our live chat operators also work to retain travelers by providing them with post-reservation help. This way, company goodwill increases and better positioning in the market is achieved.

Why travel booking sites need offshore live chat support and how Emenac Call Center Services can help in improving customer experience with it?

Travel booking sites related to car rental services, cruise ships, courier and cargo services, public transportation, air travel and hotels and resorts as well as online travel agencies gain the following benefits from offshore live chat customer support:

Higher Leads Generated

Travel and transport services or itineraries cannot be experimented with. They can be either too expensive or unsuitable in terms of routes or even the means of traveling. Hence, any traveler surfing the web for travel and transportation services will need guidance and consultancy from the service provider so as to find the right packages or have the best itinerary planned. For instance, a traveler not wanting to travel by cruise ships may wish to have the cursing part eliminated from an itinerary and get it replaced with train travel or air travel. A customer looking to courier an item may wish to assure of its safety.

In such times, they will need someone to answer their queries popping up in head as they browse through the website. If these confusions are not cleared and the questions remain unanswered, the potential buyer will move to alternative travel booking sites. Emenac offshore call center services can provide online travel and transportation business with live chat operators who can invite website visitors to chat to help them find the right deals and packages and guide them to appropriate packages. They can also be given choices so that they can make a selection. Our offshore chat operators would also lead successful service and product advocacy to increase consumer interest. With leads generated, growth of customers can be expected.

Increased Sales

As website visitors find interest in booking a travel package or a deal, they also come up with several questions and issues. For instance, a visitor may want certain package customized as per their need and then of course, there will be changes in pricing. There could also be issues regarding the availability of a deal for another destination than the one advertised on the website. The visitor would then require someone on behalf of the business to assist them as they browse the travel and transportation website and check out stuff. This is where the offshore live chat support reps need to implement their sales skills and convince every website visitor coming up for chat, to make a booking or a reservation.

Offshore live website chat offered by Emenac Call Center Services can help online travel and transportation businesses by bringing in sales techniques that would ensure increased sales. Emenac’s offshore agents can explain services and offerings such that the website visitor to increase consumer interest and hence, make sure that the visitor makes a booking or a reservation before leaving the website. If any service or package asked for would not be available, our agents will cross-sell an alternative service to secure the customer and avoid losing potential buyers to competitor travel booking sites. If a visitor would have made a booking, up-selling tactics will be applied to increase profitability. This way, a travel and transportation website will be able to make up for a strong customer-base and increase profitability swiftly. Also, with assistance provided whenever needed, a good company image is formed and company goodwill will increase.

Higher Customer Retention

After having made a booking or a reservation, travelers may return to the website for several reasons. They may wish to confirm the flight timings, ensure that the itinerary planned for has been processed and to check if the items sent by the courier have been dispatched. There could also be confusions in regards to airline companies, cruise ships, charter bus companies or maybe even wrong rooms might have been booked in hotels or resorts such as deluxe room in place of a suite. Whether the traveler is returning to make a confirmation or to have a problem resolved, assistance needs to be given or else, an unprofessional image of the business will be formed and travelers will remain in confusion and anger.

In order to spread out a trustworthy, reliable and caring image; which is important for a travel and transportation business, providing post-booking assistance is essential. This would ensure that all travelers are completely satisfied with the services that they are going to be given and that any occurring issues have been resolved. Since calling is not possible at many times, especially when one is at work, travelers may prefer chatting as it allows multitasking while making an enquiry. With Emenac Call Center Services, online travel sites can enjoy post-booking customer care via offshore live customer chat.

This would ensure that all travelers have been dealt with perfectly and that no customer is left unanswered in confusion or with a problem unresolved. This way, a good business-customer relationship will be formed and travelers will feel comfortable with the business. Eventually, customer retention will be high and loyal customers will spread a good image of the online travel business bringing in more customers. This will lead to growing clientele and a better positioning in the market.

All travel booking websites looking to increase consumer interest, grow customer-base and retain customers can call us at any time at +1 888.909.2207. Our offshore business development team will guide them through the process and shortly, a suitable package will be in designed for their business.