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Emenac Offshore Social Media Customer Service For Online Apparel Stores

Is the apparel business unable to justify the negative comments propagated by angry customers or looking to better the company image through word of mouth by making the customers happy? Emenac offshore social media customer service is the best tool to make customers content with apparel and gain positive feedback from them, to propagate it on social media platforms.

Since people are largely using social media websites all the time all around the globe, social media becomes an easy way to provide customer service through. To reply customers on Facebook or Twitter means always staying up to date with customers’ problems and issues since these platforms are accessible not only through computers but also through tablets and smart phones and are always in use. Assistance given through customer care on social media would mean satisfactory customer support and hence, this would bring in increased customer loyalty and company goodwill. In turn, a good company image spreads and more customers are gathered.

Why online apparel stores need offshore customer support for social media and how Emenac Call Center Services can help them?

Providing customer care on social media is highly important for an online apparel store. Offshore social media customer care can bring the following benefits to apparel businesses:

Providing Pre-sale to Post-sale Customer Care

Before the purchase, interested buyers need to ask questions regarding product availability, pricing, colors, quality etc. When such issues are discussed on social media networks, the customer care team can provide answers by commenting onto the thread or personally contacting the potential buyer to provide answers. Eventually, the trust of potential buyers into the business would grow and chances for increasing sales would increase too.

During purchase, what concerns the buyers is coupons, discounts, shipment charges, delivery time etc. While the buyers may discuss all these issues on the internet, a lot of confusion may spread with sharing of different information. The social media customer care team can check out for the discussions and come to aid. Each person included in the discussion may be separately targeted and sent solutions and answers to. This would keep away the buyers from confusions and avoid trusting the apparel business. With assistance provided and answers given through help desk for social media, sales would be made without any issues, easing the inflow of profits.

After the apparel or apparel accessories have been bought, issues can arise regarding delivery of wrong apparel, bad product experience or late shipment. All these issues may be discussed on social media amongst the customers and negative image of the business may be spread. Eventually, new customers will feel hesitant to make purchases from the business. With presence on the platform, the social media customer care team can intervene and provide assistance by continuing the comment thread or providing assistance personally. This would help in justifying the negative feedbacks and ensuring the customer that the problem will be solved. Hence, angry customers are efficiently dealt with and customer retention is ensured.

Knowing the Right Perceptions

Through offshore social media helpdesk, online apparel businesses can check up posts, comments on pictures of apparel, shoes and jewelry and also threads of messages and following comments. For instance, the customers may be found discussing against certain design. The customer care offshore team can intervene and explain who the design is exactly for and what other customers can opt for. This way, online apparel stores can find out the real responses of the customer as well as what is being liked by them or disliked. Accordingly, customer psyche can be understood, feedbacks can be gotten and assistance can be provided. This would also allow leading product advocacy and offering customers with the right solutions, eventually ending the misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Increased Product Awareness

Discussions of customers over the pictures and other media related to apparel can be extended by the customer care teams. Providing response to customers on social media can increase knowledge about apparel products for those involved in the discussion as well as those reading through the comments. Eventually, it would make people aware of the company and its products and increase brand popularity whilst bettering the positioning in the minds of customers.

Increasing Positive Feedback

By becoming part of the conversational threads or comments on pictures and other media, online apparel businesses can add their bits to any positive feedbacks given by the customers. Extra information and knowledge of the product or its benefits can be shared. This, in turn, would highlight the positive discussion on the page and attract more customers towards the business as people would read the comments.

How Emenac Call Center Services can help an online apparel business with customer support for social media?

Emenac Call Center Services has been working with the apparel industry since quite some time now. It is home to social media customer services wraps, who are proficient in knowledge of all sorts of apparel from women apparel to men apparel as well as accessories, mens jewelry and college apparel etc. Online apparel businesses can enjoy numerous benefits with Emenac offshore call center services which include:

• Expertise in handling customers’ pre-purchase queries such as availability of certain product or color and pricing etc., during purchase queries such as delivery times, coupons etc. and post-purchase queries such as delivery of wrong apparel or apparel accessories, late shipment etc.

• Provision of professional consultancy given through social media on apparel and apparel accessories so that the customers can easily find items of interest on the website and place orders

• Pictures and statuses updated frequently on social media platforms to find out buyer’s interest and gather data to provide assistance or change the apparel line accordingly

• Responses to messages, posts and comments given for social media customer services in times, quicker as compared to many other social media customer care services

• 24/7 offshore helpdesk call center services for social media provided if needed by the business, for all sorts of online apparel stores whether they are dealing in kids apparel, college apparel, men apparel, women apparel or sports apparel

• Customer care over social media merged with advanced techniques to improve sales graphs and hence, profitability increased along with company goodwill and image

• Proactive customer care offshore agents who can inform the customers of any issues before complaints come in. Also, updates on solving process are given. Yet, if a complaint for a major issue arrives that cannot be solved by the customer care team, it is forwarded to the authorities of the apparel business

Online apparel businesses interested in working with Emenac offshore call center services can call us right away at +1.888.909.2207 and their calls will be answered at any time that they call in. A suitable package will be made for the business as per its budget and requirements and put into effect as soon as the business feels comfortable with it. Within no time, the use of social media for counter service summit will begin.