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Emenac Offshore Social Media Customer Service For Online Electronic Appliances Stores

For those electronic retailers struggling to engage with their customers via social media, Emenac Call Center Services now offers its offshore customer care services customized for the social media. Social media is not only an effective tool to address customer queries and grievances, but it also holds endless opportunities to boost customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth marketing.

Social media customer service is the ideal method of gauging and ensuring that customers are satisfied with the electronic items and home appliances that they have purchased. It is also the right tool to gain feedback from existing customers, ensuring that they felt cared for and important.

The apparent benefits of engaging with customers via social media are increased marketing and the ability to quickly disseminate information to a wide audience. There are also benefits to the company’s customers, who might be interested in hearing about an upcoming sale for various kitchen appliances. Assistance given through customer care on social media will result in satisfactory customer support, and therefore will bring in increased customer loyalty and company goodwill.

Why online electronic retailers need offshore customer support for social media and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

One of the key benefits of social media for businesses is as a tool for aggregation of public opinion, comments and sentiment. A recent study found that 95 percent of people share bad customer service experiences with people through social media. The same study found that 40 percent of people recommended others not buy products or services after having a bad customer service experience. Following are the few reasons why online electronic stores can gain through offshore social media customer support are:

Providing Pre-sale to Post-sale Customer Care

Before making an actual purchase, interested buyers need to ask questions regarding product availability, pricing, colors, quality, latest models and technology etc. When such issues are discussed on social media networks, the offshore customer care team provides answers by commenting directly against the question raised on the relevant thread or by personally contacting the potential buyer to provide answers. This would inevitably lead to an increase of trust in the electronics retailers that customers hold, meaning an increased chance to see that marked growth in the sales graph.

• Before purchase of electronic items, what concerns the buyers is coupons, discounts, shipment charges, delivery time etc. During the process of discussing and asking questions regarding all these issues, the customer may become a victim of widespread confusion if their questions are left unanswered. An offshore social media customer care team can look out for such discussions and come to the immediate aid of the consumer. Each person included in the discussion may be separately targeted and sent solutions and answers. With assistance provided and answers given through a help desk for social media, a significant increase in sales will be noticeable.

• After electronic items have been purchased, issues can arise regarding delivery of the wrong items, quality complaints, malfunctioning appliances or late shipments. All these issues may be discussed on the social media amongst different customers, creating not only a negative image of the seller but also turning off many undecided new customers. An offshore social media customer care team can immediately identify such discussions as soon as they start, provide the answers needed and nip the problem in the bud before it festers out of control.

Gauging Public Opinion

More often than not, general electronics sellers who use social media to the best advantage, and therefore have the best reputations, are not those who spend a fortune on advertising. Instead, they are the retailers that monitor Facebook, Twitter and the like, and respond in a timely fashion to consumers. It’s a sensible communications strategy – nobody wants to be the company that ignores a customer comment for it then to turn into a viral PR nightmare. A major advantage of this is that online electronic selling companies, with the help of an offshore social media helpdesk, can gauge and keep an eye on public opinion regarding their brands. Through questionnaires, polls and quizzes they can find out which of their products are in demand, and which are not up to the mark in the eye of the consumer. Accordingly, changes in the product line can be made and demand of products increased to grow profitability.

Enhancing Company Image

Linking customer service with offshore social media allows electronic retailers to address social media feedback. This way, online stores can benefit from how customer service enhances marketing efforts. Instead of seeing posts filled with irate customers, new potential customers can then watch how the company resolves any issues. This also allows them to foster customer loyalty.

Additionally, as resolved questions and complaints are retweeted, reposted, and liked, these gain visibility by others browsing the company’s social media account. These good responses can also spread very quickly. This in turn causes good publicity to come out of the bad, while reinforcing the company’s image of being customer-centric.

Some other benefits accrued from engaging with Emenac’s social media care team are:

• Emenac’s offshore agents are experts in handling customers’ pre-purchase queries, such as availability of certain products or colors and pricing of electronic appliances, during purchase queries such as delivery times, coupons etc. and post-purchase queries such as delivery of wrong products, late shipments etc.

• Provision of professional consultancy given through offshore social media on electronic items and home appliances so that customers can easily find items of interest on the website and place orders.

• Pictures and statuses frequently updated on social media platforms to find out buyers’ interest and gather data to provide assistance or change the product line accordingly.

• Responses to messages, posts and comments given for social media customer services as quick as possible to ensure better customer service for buyers of general electrical appliances

• 24/7 offshore helpdesk services for social media if needed by the business, for all sorts of online electronic stores

• Customer care over social media merged with advanced techniques to improve sales graphs of electronic items and hence, profitability increased along with company goodwill and image.

• Proactive customer care offshore agents who can inform the customers of any issues before complaints come in regards to the electronic items bought online. Also, updates on solving process are given. Yet, if a complaint for a major issue arrives that cannot be solved by the customer care team, it is forwarded to the authorities of client concerned.

Online electronic businesses interested in working with Emenac Call Center Services can call us right away at +1.888.909.2207. A social media customer service will be tailor made to suit their needs and problems, ensuring that before they know it, the use of social media for counter service summit will begin.