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Emenac Offshore Social Media Customer Service For Home & Office Decor Websites

Is the home décor and interior website requiring a better business-customer relationship and need to gain customers’ trust for better company positioning? What better than interacting with customers on social media? Emenac’s offshore social media help desk can help home décor and interior websites interact with customers via this highly popular networking technique and up the ante.

With interaction on offshore social media, an online home improvement and interior business will be able to find out what problems people face with refurbishment of homes and offices, what they like and what they don’t. It can also be found what issues customers have had with certain designs of furniture or what they desire to have. Accordingly, consultancy can be given and visitors can be drawn onto the website and encouraged to make purchases. Comments of existing customers can be monitored and any assistance required can be given. Eventually, not only customer-base will grow stronger but the relationship with customers will also become better. Hence, customer retention will be high and profits will grow.

Why home décor and interior websites need offshore social media customer service and how Emenac Call Center Services can help them?

For online home improvement companies and contractors, offshore social media customer service can be of use in the following manner:

Pre-Purchase Consultancy

A social media help desk service can work to effectively monitor the discussions of customers interested in shopping with home décor and interior websites on social media platforms. These customers could be those interested in furniture and home appliances e-commerce as well as those looking for websites of interior decorators providing refurbishment services. By watching their comments on pictures or posts on threads, Emenac’s offshore social media agents can guide them accordingly for the suitable products and services, leading them down to the website of client home décor business, increasing chances for a sale.

People today are accustomed to discussing everything on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. They might be found indulged in confusions as to how they should use certain space, what color they could paint certain wall in, which fabric they must cover their sofas with or whether they should hand wall-sized mirror in the lounge etc. Through Emenac’s offshore social media customer care, consultancy and ideas can be given to the potential buyers on confusion such that they are brought to the website of the respective home and décor business. Very skillfully, successful product advocacy is led and leads are generated. Eventually, a customer is made.

Post-Purchase Assistance

After having purchased products from home décor and interior websites, it is inevitable that customers find issues with them. For instance, a lamp could have torn up shade, a table might have been delivered in the wrong color or maybe a wall hanging might not have been charged for as per a pre-told discount offer. In anger, all of this will be shared on social media. There could also be issues such as late delivery or the product, not have been delivered at all. Emenac’s offshore social media PR agency can take note of all such problems, contact the aggrieved customer and assure about provision of help. This would calm the angry customer down and also work in settling down issues. Happy with the service, the customer will be retained and good company image will be made.

Customers of home improvement companies and contractors may also face problems after getting their homes or offices refurbished by an interior designer. These could be problems such as wrong paint applied in certain room, bedding or curtains not done as planned or maybe sanitary fittings interchanged with another bathroom. All such issues need to be addressed too and reported to the concerned business and the social media customer care from Emenac Call Center Services can handle it best. Once noticed, these issues would be forwarded to interior decorators to be addressed so that customers are retained, forming a loyal customer base. This would result in a good company image and better positioning in the market.

Understanding Customer Psyche

By keeping an eye on the customers’ comments posted on social media platforms, team of customer care on social media can see what the customers have liked, what they have disapproved of, which service of home improvement companies and contractors they have appreciated and which aspect of theirs has been disliked. Also, customers would discuss which products they are now looking for and what they want the home décor and interior websites to add or subtract from the product range. There could also be critiques of the website interface. Emenac’s offshore help desk services for social media will collect all this data, compile it an organized manner and forward it to the respective business to be reviewed.

By engaging into such conversations with the customers on threads as well as individually, the social media PR agency from Emenac offshore Call Center Services can also lead customer-based surveys to find out more about the needs and likes of buyers. This would not only work towards improving customer experience but also towards bettering the products and services from bathroom accessories and appliances to garden décor accessories and lights and lighting. The more the products and services go in accordance to the needs of buyers, the higher the sales and the more loyal the clientele becomes.

Increasing Décor Service and Product Awareness

On social media websites, general discussions of the customers can also be taken notice of. These discussions could be in regards to the designs of furniture or maybe even the pricing of commercial and residential cleaning services which may sound awkward to people. Eventually, negative reviews might fill up the page and this could harm the company’s image. For instance, on uploading the picture of the newly introduced table, the offshore social media customer care team finds that the customers find it rather funny than modern in terms of design. The social media help desk set up by Emenac Call Center Services intervenes into such discussions to tell people the actual use of the table which might be for use in kitchen to cut vegetables, and explain that it is not to be judged for placement in drawing rooms.

The social media handlers may also find people discussing that maybe the home safety and security systems overpriced for no good reason. To such buyers, the team can explain the technology or material used or maybe the government policies and taxes included for which the product has that certain price tag.

Helping the customers this way, negative reviews can be turned into positive ones and the company image can be enhanced. Eventually, conversion ratio will increase and clientele will grow. Call us at +1.888.909.2207 to offshore outsource your customer service to “Emenac Call Center Services