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Emenac Offshore Social Media Customer Service For Transportation, Travel & Tourism Related Websites

Is your travel booking site requiring more effective ways to reach out to the customers, better understand their needs and psyche and offer support where needed? Need to control the negative propagation of travel and transportation business over social media and increase sales? Try out Emenac’s offshore social media customer care services.

Offshore outsourcing virtual social media PR agency to Emenac Call Center Services will help online travel and transportation businesses and courier express services to get closer to their customers, understand them better and be able to provide them with better services. Social media customer care also provides a chance to troubleshoot problems and keep all travelers satisfied. As a result, high customer retention is found, better company image is spread and company goodwill increases.

How Emenac Call Center Services can help online travel and transportation businesses with offshore social media customer service?

For travel and transportation websites, Emenac Call Center Services serves travel booking sites related to air travel services, hotels and resorts, courier and cargo companies, public transportation companies, cruise ships and car rental services as well as online travel agencies. Some of the benefits that these businesses will be able to enjoy are:

Higher Lead Generation

Oftentimes, people discuss their issues on social media and put in questions and queries because they can receive replies from thousands of people from around the world within a matter of few minutes. Travelers or customers of courier companies might put in queries in search of the best airline to travel with or the cheapest courier rates for sending gifts to a foreign land. Questions may also come in such as how safe it is to travel to certain land and if cruising to certain city is a better option than flying to it.

If these questions are left unanswered, the travelers and customers will remain confused and might end up making their booking or reservation with a competitor travel site. To draw more customers and increase sales, Emenac Call Center Services offers travel booking sites with offshore live social media customer services. These offshore services would help online travel and transportation businesses with increased leads and hence, higher consumer interest. Our offshore agents target customers privately and market the respective travel site, leading service and product advocacy such that interested travelers find those services useful and are attracted to make a booking or a reservation. Eventually, customer-base would grow and profitability will increase.

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Retention

After having made a booking or a reservation, travelers may wish to make conformations for flight timings or rooms booked in hotels or resorts. They might also have to make sudden changes in the plan or might wish to move onto another plan. In such times, they have to be entertained or else, they may feel a great deal of discomfort for not having gotten an itinerary of their choice or they may end up paying a large sum of money for making last minute cancellation. A courier express customer may lose items being sent or received if it is sent on a wrong address. Busy phone lines or business timings might keep many travelers unanswered. Eventually, the travelers and customers will be greatly raged for not being answered after booking and all that inconvenience and problem. A bad company image will be created and bad word will spread about it.

To keep all such situations away, Emenac’s offshore live social media customer services can be brought in to monitor the travelers’ discussions on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This monitoring will help finding out the reviews of travelers and any annoyed traveler can be contacted and provided assistance. This way, need of all customers will be satiated and customers will return happy. In turn, customer loyalty and retention will be high.

Better Relationships with the sTravelers and Customer

It is a common trend in modern times to discuss and share almost everything on social media; all travel booking sites must make sure that whatever, is discussed about them is positive. Otherwise a bad company image will take no time to spread amongst tens of thousands interested travelers and customers within no time. Eventually, customers will be lost and potential customers will be hesitant in making bookings or reservation with that business.

For instance, a customer may be seen discussing how annoyed he was when on reaching the airport, he found that the flight was cancelled. Maybe another traveler might be found discussing that she wasn’t given the right airline in the package and the one that she travelled through, didn’t have the service that she needed onboard since she was traveling with little kids. Travelers may also be found discussing how certain package charged so much but provided a hotel that had uncomfortable rooms. All such discussions can lead to a careless and rather unprofessional image of a traveling site, discouraging travelers from making bookings and reservations with it and existing customers to flee to alternative travel booking sites.

Emenac’s offshore social media PR agency reps can monitor all discussions on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and add to the discussions and comments to better things up. Our social media offshore agents can send reports to the concerned party and have changes made as per the comments and then talk about those changes on social media so that company image can be bettered and customers can be retained. Travelers can also be targeted privately and any prevailing misconceptions can be cleared too. Hence, through social media help desk, travel and transportation businesses can better relationships with the travelers, ensure customer retention and understand the travelers’ psyche better to better the services and increase bookings and reservations.

Raised Awareness of the Business

Emenac offshore call center services response to customers on social media can also work to promote courier, travel and transport services by pasting statuses and images on the page and reviewing comments and conversations. Any confusion about a service can be cleared and any existing negative image can be eliminated by successful service and product advocacy.

For instance, a person may be found discussing on the page that certain package seems to be lacking upscale hotels or a high-end flight service. Emenac’s offshore live social media customer care team can join the thread and posts comments to tell that this package is not for luxury travelers but for budget travelers and that luxury travelers may opt for so and so package. This way, more services will be marketed and bad image of any service will be justified. Altogether, more travelers will be attracted and customer-base will grow.

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