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Close Down for the Day? We Are Here to Handle your Afterhour Phone Calls

Trust on our most developed agent hiring process, select the one plan that can work best for your business call center, yes we are flexible you can change it anytime.

Hybrid Solutions

Switch between dedicated-shared resources based on need of the hour

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Quantifiable Strategies

Let our marketing analysts revamp your business maneuvers to unexpected profits

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Inbound/Outbound Package

Let our marketing analysts revamp your business maneuvers to unexpected profits

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Shared Versus Dedicated Agents – Which Is Best For You?

How to Outsource?  Are Shared Agents a better pick or dedicated agents?

If your company is new to outsourcing or is reconsidering its outsourcing options,

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Emenac Call Canter Services would like your firm to know all available choices. Because it could be really confusing, when dozens of call centers are coming up with so many services making it hard to decide which service package will benefit your company.We at, Emenac Call Canter Services lay out all our services and allow you to custom-devise a service package that fits you best. Below is the side by side comparison of dedicated and shared agent to make your outsourcing decisions easy. We have an extensive hiring procedure to ensure that all our agents on desk have excellent memory retention and conversational skills along with the educational expertise.

Shared Agents:

Small or startup businesses prefer shared agent plan, given their unpredictable call volume. This model plan (as indicated in the name) shares agents with other client companies.

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Our shared agents are completely trained to handle calls of all the clients s/he will be dealing with. The service level does not diminish by any standards. It merely gives you an affordable opportunity to better entertain limited number of calls you receive. Shared agents are proficient in:

  • Seasonal flux in Call Handling
  • Cross & Up-Selling
  • Wining Customers Back
  • Time Management
  • Help-Desk
  • Customized Greetings
  • More Generalized Service
  • Resilient under pressure
  • Virtual Receptionist

Dedicated Agents:

Businesses with greater customer demand, should engage dedicated agents who as implied by the name, are dedicated to your brand’s development.

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Our dedicated agents switch between inbound and outbound calling as per the call volume. If the inflow is greater than your dedicated agents remain on answering them but as the call inflow slims, they shift to telemarketing and services. Overall your brand is sole focus of their attention and they are familiar with all the technicalities to serve the best service at all times.

  • Devout to client’s brand
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Virtual reception services
  • Social Media Correspondents
  • Fixed Payment Solutions
  • Win back & welcome strategies
  • Complete Customer Care & IT services
  • Resilient under pressure
  • Virtual Assistant

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Customize your Call Handling Service with Latest Trends without Hesitation

Shared Or Dedicated?

Emenac Call Center Services understands the hesitation that plagues most businesses when they are about to outsource their call handling service. Among other questions, one question is usually more important i.e.

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Whether to Engage Shared or Dedicated Call Center Agent Model?

All your firm needs to decide and determine

  1. Call type (nature of phone call or inquiry e.g. tech support, customer query etc.)
  2. Volume of calls (expected number of inbound calls during a fixed time interval)
  3. Busiest Hours (when you receive more calls and need more hands on desk)

Nature of Calls:

Nature of Calls refers to the “Classification of Calls”. Which type of calls you are expecting under “Inbound Calls”? Dose the nature of incoming calls vary from call to call? Are you getting inbound calls for product inquiry, order placement, tech support, order status confirmation, or of financial nature? They can be of any type for pre order support services or post order support services. But you need to per-determine the categories of your calls for better allocation of your customer care agents and call handling resources. It is imperious that the nature of calls be pre-determined, so the agent who is handling calls is better prepared to address any issue the customer present him with.

Volume of Calls:

Call Volume is actually a forecasting factor while developing share-dedicated call center agents model, a tough thing to decide but crucial one. The volume of calls fluctuates during business time intervals, different for different businesses. There is no solid scale that would determine that, but you can map out a pattern based on hour to hour frequency of calls. There are some hours when the frequency peek sometime in the week but it will also come down. If your call volume average is high, you would need dedicated resources but if you call volume is seasonally spiked or unpredictable, shared resources will manage it quite easily. Depending upon it, determine which model will work better for you.

Busiest Hours (Peak Business Hours)

Another dedicated-shared model dependency factor is the busiest business hours. These hours are usually the ones when both the organizational tasks and customer support queries touch their peak. That’s when a company needs to better organize its resources for optimum use whether you are using shared or dedicated model.

Beauty of the Model: Small as One, Outsized as You Grow

If you are a small startup business, one agent might be enough to handle your calls. Or you might engage two agents who are shared with other clients. If you are a larger corporate entity? An entire team of agents might be trained according to your call handling needs. You can interview the perspective agents and pick the ones you would have to work for or we can hire new agents for you. Like we said we are flexible in our services, we can up or down scale our services according to the client’s needs.

Regardless of the nature & influx of the inbound calls, the service quality won’t deter even for a second.

A Better Call Center Solution! How About Mix & Match?

Now, that you have a fairly detailed idea about the shared and dedicated agents. What they offer and how they work to accomplish for your business progress.

There is one more decision to make!

Once you have decided which agent model will suit your firm best. You will need to describe the service expectations from these agents. Just to clarify; shared-dedicated agents are classified based on pricing and plans model. At Emenac Call Center Services, we also offer two service-based call center agents hiring models that extend to both shared and dedicated agents. Our service based models are presented as follows with their specifications:

Hybrid Customer Service Model:

Whether you choose to proceed with shared or dedicated agents, you can engage hybrid call center service model.

Wondering how it works? Here’s how:

The call center agents working under hybrid model are multi-taskers. Their predefined skill-set includes all aspects of customer contact center. They handle all inbound and outbound services.  Inbound originating from both voice and non-voice channels. Yes you heard me right; they have ability to deal customers from any communication channel. No matter of what nature, technical support or non-technical guide, customer phone handling, web enabled chat services or email support. And when are down for the day, they can switch to work as outbound agents. You can engage them for telemarketing services, survey and feedback calls etc.

The service delivery in this model is more generalized. But your firm would have the option to switch. This model is perfect fit to cater to all customers’ needs without fussing over additional cost. We suggest this service model to online businesses where they have to be online 24/7. It is cost-effective and an all-rounding service strategy that will help to evolve customer’s trust in your company.

Blended Call Center Service Model:

Like hybrid service model, our blended service model too has application upon both shared and dedicated agents. But unlike the generalized service structure of the hybrid service model, blended service model is more… specific. In blended model, you cannot switch the agents to another task other than the one they were assigned. Because in this model, agents are trained for one service, in-depth. Which means an inbound blended agent cannot attend to outbound calls, and tech support agent won’t be able to perform order taking services. But their excellence in one service will be absolute.

This service model is designed for the enterprises looking for informed service provider for their customer contact service.

We promise to enable our clients to mix both agents models and use them however they deem best. For example they can engage dedicated agents for peak hours or high seasonal traffic and switch to shared agents for normal workdays with less call traffic. The best feature of these models, you have to pay only for the services you are taking from our teams.

 Call now & let us know of your business needs so together we can devise a development strategy that will generate profits and run your operation like a well-oiled machine.