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  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
  • Minimum Threshold Taken
  • Precise & Reliable Infrastructure
  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership

Terms of Use

For every visitor to the website, we recommend that he/she agrees with the Terms and Conditions stated hereby. If for any reason, certain visitor does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, we recommend the website ought not to be used. Hence, before using the website, we recommend that every visitor goes through this entire reading.

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It is essential for the visitor to know to that all the information provided on this website is purely meant to show understanding of our services and their use to and for the customers. It is frequently updated or whenever required and is thus, well in accordance to the existing time. Whether provided in the form of text, logos, symbols, imagery or any other form, the information provided on this website along with its setting and composition is always in its present form, nonetheless, this cannot be given any warranty for. Please note that the company has taken all measures and steps to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all the data provided on the website and therefore, no responsibility is taken for its perfection. When using this information and data anywhere, it becomes sole responsibility of the user and the company remains aloof from the action and its consequences.

The company stands the right to change the data or information given on the website from anywhere and at anytime. For that matter, it will not necessarily inform or advertise the change anywhere but rather its clients are required to visit the site regularly in order to stay up to date with the information provided.

Use of the Website

The use of this website as well as all the information provided here is free of cost and is viewable by all users. However, it is highly recommended that every visitor must agree with the Terms and Conditions of the website so that they can safely view the website and all of its contents and use its information. The entire information on the website has been published lawfully and is legal to be viewed on the World Wide Web. The company may take legal steps in case its Terms of Use are violated or challenged in any way.

The company also reserves the right to block a link or domain if it considers necessary to do so. And for that matter, it will not need to notify or inform the handlers of the blocked link or domain.

Third Party Interference

While Emenac Call Center Services my lead its visitors to websites of other companies linked to it in any way, it holds no responsibility of how they might collect and use the information. These companies could be our partners, trade show companies, alliances or joint ventures and for their Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, we are not responsible. Hence, the way they might control the cookies, track the info and hold back or solicit anything is outside our control. Whether their Privacy Policies and Terms of Use are complete, not available at all or insufficient, we are aloof of the fact and surfing their websites is solely the responsibility of the user.

We may share some personally identifiable information with our business partners but the info collected at our end non-voluntarily will be considered private and not shared with anyone in any way.

Restrictions and Prohibitions

It must be clear to all visitors that all the information on the website, be it in the form of text, imagery, logos, signs, designs, music or packages; is under the custody of Emenac Call Center Services and cannot be used by any other party, anywhere for any purpose. Copying and usage of the information from the website is not allowed to anyone.

Any party found guilty of reproducing, republishing, copying or selling the information from the website will have to face legal charges. No reproduction of the information from this website in any way is allowed and no one is given right on that.

If at all, data or information from any part of the website has to be enquired about such that copying is not involved in the process, permission will need to be taken. No licenses have been issued to anyone regarding the information used on this website.


For the permission to be taken, the following content might help:

User Postings

In order to post on this website, one must comply with the international law followed in terms of posting, uploading, inputting or submitting any kind of information in any form. The rule applies to text, imagery, links, symbols, logos etc.

Once posted, input or submitted, all data becomes our property and we stand the right to do to that information, whatever we wish to do. Accordingly, a post might be removed, edited, reproduced, translated or displayed or even distributed a copy of. We will thus use the info in any way that we feel right.

Responsibility of Damages

We hold no responsibility for any damage inflicted to the personal machine or server of any user. If any user experiences any kind of damage which might be consequential, direct, indirect or any other kind, we are not supposed to be held responsible. Damages could lead to dysfunction loss of data, profit loss or any other thing but we hold no responsibility against this.


All blogs on the website are solely the property of Emenac Call Center Services. Replying to or commenting on the blogs is lawful and hence, allowed but all users involved into such an action must abide by the following rules:

• Threatening, harassing or abusing the company or any other party will not be acceptable

• Unlawful content cannot be posted as a comment or an answer to the post or that to the posting by another party. This category includes content that is political, socially obscene, unethical, offensive, racist or breaching.

• All postings and answers are considered to be personal views of the posting party. Hence, in no way, can these be challenged or taken into legal repercussions.

• No objectionable words or slangs can be used. Any sort of symbolism relating to or representing abusive or unethical language is also prohibited. • Advertising, forwarding of propagating messages or playing games under a blog post is not allowed.

• No piece of information, on which any part has a legal right, can be posted. Such information includes confidential information of any party, contents and blogs.

• Intellectual property, trademark laws or software to which the posting party has no legal right, cannot be posted.

• Content infected with harmful material such as Trojan Horses, viruses, corrupted files, spyware, worms, cancelbots, malware and time bombs etc must be avoided.

• The posting, once made under a blog, cannot be changed in any way by a party that does not have a legal right over it.

• No legal content of the website can be challenged. Such information includes contents, labels and notices etc.

• Any posting made with hidden identity to harm the company will result in legal repercussions.

• We have the right to remove any post that we wish to and this would be done in sole discretion if we consider this necessary at any time