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Keeping website visitors and their information safe

Our website takes no note of any individual or their information
unless provided and use all the information gathered responsibly

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Privacy Policy

This policy elucidates the facts as to what information Emenac Call Center Services will collect from the visitor and subscribers and the rules as per which; it may wish to share that information with a third party. The rules apply all the collected information and data.

How Information is Gathered?

A visit to the website that makes no interaction with our team or requires no information is left largely unchecked in terms of personal data of the visitor. However, information such as the country that we are being visited from and the domain from where certain visitor has landed on our website can be identified. Other identifiable information includes the browser in use, the search engine used to land here, the particular page being visited and even the city from where the user is visiting our page.

In case the user demands certain information once on the website, we will require details such as name, email ID, address, contact number and fax number will be demanded by Emenac Call Center Services. This is done so that the visitor can be contacted back as per their choice of the mode of communication. Alongside this, we will also take note of the IP address and use it for collecting the cookies.

The Right IP Address

An IP address is the number that is assigned to each computer while it is connected to the internet. Our website detects and reads the IP address along with cookies with other information of each visitor’s computer automatically and record it into its database. This is done only to ease the computer’s visit as the next time the same computer visits our link, its server is logged in and the session is restored. Yet, the user is not identified personally.

Email IDs and their Use

We demand email IDs only for the purpose of contacting the visitor in they have asked for any sort of information. Thus, email IDs are required only for replying to the questions and queries of the visitors. However, the provided email ID may be used by us or any of our partner businesses for sharing more information on the business from time to time.

Visitors wishing to unsubscribe this communication can request the sender in person and the emailing will be halted until the visitor wishes to resume the process.

Data and its Security

We, at Emenac Call Center Services take special care of the data collected from each computer and user. Security is considered especially well for the personal information of the user such as name, email ID, phone number, fax number etc. We take all precautionary measures to make sure that the data remains perfectly safe and for this, we not only ensure the best of management but also create right environments for securing the data in whilst keeping the systems safe from all unwanted situations.

Change of Information

If at any time, a visitor wants to know whether or not Emenac Call Center Services has any of his/her information, they can always find it out b contacting us. If at all we will be having any piece of information that will need changes, we will be happy to make the changes so as to better the way how we contact certain visitor or identify him/her. The information can be gotten updated by emailing us the changed information. If you wish to know anything regarding the information changes and privacy policy, please feel free to ask us anytime.