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About our Company

We started off with a few people and just two branch offices. With the course of time, the company has not only expanded, but has also helped other businesses grow as well. We, at Emenac Inc. believe in creating relationships, not customers.

There might be a number of call centers available in the market but, we don’t function the way other contact centers do. We assist entrepreneurs and professionals from industries of all kinds and treat them like friends, not clients. Emenac Call Center Services facilitates call centers as well as other types of BPO businesses for handling contact center services on their behalf, if for any reason, they are not able to do so. The size of your company does not concern us. As long as you are in need of help and assistance, our flexible and competent agents will be at your service.

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We have been and still are providing outsource services to companies in various localities of the world including UK, Canada, Australia and the US. Our unmatched goodwill and reliability is what makes us one of the leading call center services of today. We, at Emenac Call Center Services, believe in providing you with nothing but the best amenities at affordable rates. Getting started with us can help you and your clientele grow. Read Company History

Service Overview

We, at Emenac Call Center Services, specialize in providing top notch contact center solutions to all kinds of businesses across the globe. Our system is backed with organized infrastructures and back-up systems for smooth and hurdle-free operations on a 24/7 basis. We are always prepared to handle all sorts of challenges around the clock. ECCS believes in making business easier for you by providing your company with the best outsourcing facilities. We happen to have all the required machinery and technology to help companies enjoy success.

ECCS specializes in providing back office support services/processing, customer life cycle management, call centers, BPO, technical support, customer care services, sales, surveys and research. We have mastered the art of technology, outsourcing and consultancy. Our agents are highly trained and ready to assist our gratified clients anytime and anywhere. We, at Emenac Call Center Services, believe in taking off the burden from your shoulders by providing you with the best solutions and assistance.

If you run a startup or are facing difficulties with retaining clients, we have the best solution to all your problems. Ranging from technical support, BPO and customer lifecycle management to surveys, sales and research, ECCS specializes in providing all such facilities and assures you a strong global business presence. Being an ECCS client makes you a leader in your respective industry. Whether you own a small business or an elite group of companies, your partnership with us can lead towards a bright and prosperous future. Click to know Why Emenac Call Cente

We Don’t Work the Way Other Contact Centers Do

Our agents are highly trained professionals who are fully aware about the norms of communicating and generating leads.


We train our agents to follow a conversationalist tone ending each call on a positive note. Your problems are important to us.


We have been assisting clients for more than 10 years which makes us one of the most reliable call center services of today.


We are known for never overcharging or ripping off our respectable clients and that is why we enjoy a reputable goodwill across the outsourcing business.


When you contact Emenac Call Center Services, you are in good hands. Whether it’s telemarketing or technical support, you can always trust us.


Our lineup of skilled agents are always alert and ready to respond to your queries on a 24/7 basis resulting in positive results and happy clientele.