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We believe in being “Empathetic, Efficient and Accurate”

ECCS! A centralized customer contact center whose services are designed to serve all business sectors for their tailored contact center with highest call quality score and better conversion rate. We know, every business differs from others, so does the customer’s needs, here we have brand specialist call center agents available to handle any type of customer support services for a wide variety of departments from all Industries.

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Needs of Two Different Businesses Can Never Be Identical! But Common Point is “There is No Business without Customers“

With years of experience in Call Center Industry, we offer courteous but industrially skilled call agents to deal with all of your customer support services from technical support to telemarketing or order taking. Either your requirements are as simple as collecting orders by inbound calls or you need to increase the sales volume by telemarketing/outbound calls, we provide enthusiastic and dedicated customer care specialist team that would give your brand a new personality, shape and vision with better visibility across all channels.

All of our call center agents are professionally trained and virtualized to offer most competent and efficient customer support and telemarketing services with the prospect to achieve highest customer conversion rate by reducing cost per acquisition.  With the help of our call auditing platform and predefined call quality parameters along with agents’ performance evaluating software integration we analyze communication funnels every minute and monitor our agents’ performances just to remove bottlenecks on time and maintain highest Customer Conversion Rate.

Emenac offers Complete Call Center Solutions at affordable rates with better call quality required for customer engagement, customer retention, and customer support services from all communication channels just to make sure that you are connected to your customers around the clock.  Our brand care specialists are ready to take calls for you from all of your communication channels with highest industry knowledge for better conversion rate and higher order value.

Emenac Call Center is one of the best multi-channel contact centers for technical support, web chat Support, Telephone Answering, email marketing and support, inbound as well as outbound calling services.